This is the list of official arcs of Season 1 of Noblesse Manhwa.

Season 1:

Arc 1: Awakening in a New World

BLOOD 1: New World

BLOOD 2: The Tracer

  • Two new forces appear, M-21 and his friend M-24. They start tracking Shinwoo who rescued Yuna from a fledgling vampire attack as more is slowly revealed about the world this story is set in.

BLOOD 3: The Kidnap

  • M-21, M-24 and the Infected set a trap for Shinwoo, using Yuna as bait, to lure him to an abandoned warehouse. Luckily, Ik-Han calls Frankenstein who after receiving the message heads to the location with his Master. After a brief altercation and a not-so-friendly warning in the form of an injury dealt to M-21, the trio back off as they are no match for Frankenstein and Raizel. At the end of this arc[1], M-21 talks about the Noblesse. Shinwoo gets a minor scar from his scuffle with the infected.

Arc 2: The Human World

BLOOD 4: The Assassination Squad

  • This sub-arc opens with Shinwoo, Yuna and Ik-Han getting time off from school, Raizel learning how to open fancy doors, and getting beaten at video games. The mood slowly starts getting more serious, communicating that the Assassination Squad member, Mari, and the potential member Jake, have been deployed to clean up the mess that M-21 and M-24 made. The Infected's blood lust leads him to a hospital blood bank where they find him and dispose of the entire staff. The result of this massacre is shown through news coverage of their gruesome handiwork. Ye Ran is temporarily closed down and Raizel and his allies assume it's the work of M-21 and M-24. It is also revealed that M-21 and M-24 are "incomplete specimens" and that it is highly controversial for them, as modified humans, to possess powers on par with full-fledged specimens. Towards the end[2] there's a bit more world-building, information on the Assassination Squad's motives, as well as Jake's background.

BLOOD 5: Modified Human

BLOOD 6: A New Plan

Arc 3: Union

BLOOD 7: Moves

BLOOD 8: A New Experiment

BLOOD 9: Crombel


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