Son Jae-Ho (Kor. 손제호) is the author of the popular Korean webtoon Noblesse. He has also previously published the novels 『비커즈』 (2004) and 『러쉬』 (2005), in addition to writing the novel, "Noblesse S" based on his ongoing webtoon. He recently started another webtoon called Ability, which is a smarttoon (optimized for viewing on smartphones). The author is now working on a new webtoon called Eleceed, with the artist Zhena who also worked on 'Girls Of The Wild's'.

His blog can be found here:

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    • I've also thought about that as well. it seems there power just maintains. I'm curious what the author is planning for them 3 :)
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    • the dan café would be nice if it has a translation of English lol so sad
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