Taze (Kor. 테이즈) was a Modified Human who worked for the Union as the captain of Cerberus, the personal guard of and the strongest military force under the 12th Elder.


Taze has spiky hair and wears dark clothes, dressing up in a Gothic fashion. Her accessories include hoop earrings of various sizes and a black choker.


Taze is very arrogant and foul-mouthed when dealing with people other than the Elder, be it her allies or her enemies. She is overconfident about her own abilities and is quick to underestimate others. She became extremely violent when she saw that Cerberus members were injured by Regis and the others, taking her aggression out on Ked.


Taze is the captain of Cerberus, the bodyguards of the 12th Elder. She is the personal bodyguard of the Elder. In the extremely rare circumstance that Cerberus is ever deployed on a mission, Taze will stay to guard the Elder and Rodin will take command of the other Cerberus members.

Plot Overview

Volume 4

The 12th Elder Arc

Taze arrives at Korea with the Elder after Yuri sent them a fake email about the alleged uncooperative behavior from the KSA. She debuts along with the Elder at the climax of the battle between the other Cerberus agents and the RK - 4. She asks of Lutai and Yuizi and after getting her answer, reveals the unconscious bodies of Tao and Takeo (dumping them unceremoniously on the floor), which she collected on the way over, but kept alive for questioning. Though Cerberus has succeeded in defeating their opponents, she is furious with them for being worn out and taking damage from fighting with "the likes of Crombel's creations". She then brutally beats Ked (even though he was already seriously injured) and Rodin too, when he tries to appeal to her to spare Ked. They then decide to interrogate the RK-4, starting with Regis and when he doesn't give a satisfactory answer, she brutally attacks him. M-21 tells her that they have no connection to Crombel, albeit in a derogatory tone and gets attacked as well. Regis attacks her but is countered and about to be killed after she receives permission from the Elder. Regis is however saved by Seira who arrives at the same time as Rai and Frankenstein.
She notices the newly arrived people with different reactions and is eventually ordered to kill them all. She is slightly reluctant to kill Rai and Frankenstein (due to their good looks), but is eager to kill Seira (ironically because of her good looks as well). She arrogantly berates Seira and attacks, believing her to be weak, but is surprised when Seira blocks and counters immediately, pushing her back. She attacks again and begins to brag about her weapon, until Seira summons her own Death Scythe which greatly annoys Taze, leading to more insults. Taze angrily attacks Seira again but is swiftly defeated in one blow. She is seen bloodied up with her weapon broken in two and a gash running through the middle of her body. Taze is shocked that she is defeated by Seira and collapses on the ground, marking her demise and prompting the 12th Elder to personally step into the battle.


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Powers & Abilities

Chapter 229

Taze is far stronger than her fellow Cerberus agents. Her strength and speed are several times greater than those of her fellow members, marking her captaincy.

Cerberus Weapon

Death Scythe: She uses a double bladed scythe which she can use very proficiently, and seeing that it never lost in killing anyone, it's named Death Scythe. However, it and its wielder were no match for the original Death Scythe and its wielder .



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