The Castle is located in Lukedonia and is the domain of the Lord of the Nobles. It is no ordinary castle as it can sustain powerful conflicts without damage. Only enormous amount of power (like collision between the Lord and The Noblesse) can shake its fortification.

Castle bridge

Castle top

Throne Room


Entrance to the throne room

This is the place where the Lord and the Clan Leaders usually have their meeting. According to Ludis, only Clan Leaders are allowed in the throne room. Hence his surprised reaction when Rael is allowed to report to the Lord during their meeting.

Other than Nobles, only another being was brought into the room: Frankenstein under the summoning of the previous Lord after 10 years of his arrival in Lukedonia.

The room itself is quite large and colonnaded. A dark red carpet marks the circulation axis from the entrance and terminating in the raised platform with golden steps on which the high throne is sited. On each side of the throne, there floats a light blue double pyramid.



The shrine of the Previous Lord.

In the deepest part of the castle lies a sacred shrine - much similar to Rai's Shrine in characteristics (like opening only in full moon). But it differs in structure. Its enormous space houses a flight of steps on top of which the casket containing the body of the previous Lord is placed. None can enter the shrine without the Lord's permission who is the only one having the authority to go there.

Room of Discipline


Special cuffs to suppress the prisoner's power.

The Room of Discipline is a prison area located somewhere in the castle. Gejutel and Seira were imprisoned there for a while as a consequence for lying to the Lord. It should be noted that the Room of Discipline has some special properties or mechanism (like special handcuffs)  to hold powerful Nobles like Seira and Gejutel prisoners. According to Rozaria, the clan leaders felt Seira gathering power to destroy the Room of Discipline prior to her escape. Which inversely means that the prison area is special enough to force the powerful Seira to amass noteworthy power only to escape.