The ring is a present to Rai from Frankenstein. It was created by Frankenstein using his dark power, similar to that which forms the Dark Spear.


After the wipe-out battle with 12th Elder, Rai's condition worsens. Returning home, Frankenstein goes to the secret chamber within his house. There he summons his dark power which is originally an accumulation of sacrificed souls of many nobles and humans. Encasing some of that dark power into a ball of energy, Frankenstein leaves the room. Later he uses the power to forge a ring for his master. Frankenstein presents it to Rai and describes it to be a seal that will stop his power from leaking out. Although it does not have strength equivalent to that of the seals (earrings) created by the previous Lord, it is said to be capable of enhancing the other seal's strength.

The Ring is broken when Rai blocks Muzaka's attack in the Cadis Etrama Di Raizel vs Muzaka battle and decides to release his full power.

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