• She is so cute!!!! I'm in love with her

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    • The way she controls her emotion is awesome!

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    • wrote:
      She is so cute!!!! I'm in love with her

      me toooooooooooo\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • She was the sole reason why i read Noblesse even if im not that interested in shounen manhwa/manga, I mainly read shoujo though i also like some shounen. I saw a picture of her in somewhere in the net and got interested in her thus leading me to read Noblesse. I got to love Noblesse that I was able to last long in waiting until chapter 97 for Seira's appearance and I loved her cool character which is unlike the typical shoujo characters.

      Also, I got to appreciate shounen manga/manhwa because of Noblesse.

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