This is the timeline of known events prior to the main story. 

4000 BC

  • Nobles appeared at an unknown point in history.[1]
  • Nobles reign as the dominant species on Earth.[2]
  • The prehistoric humans evolve, and are defenseless against the forces of nature.
  • Nobles act as the invisible guardians of humanity, nurturing their evolution and protecting them from predators and natural forces.[3]
  • Humans worship Nobles as gods, as various myths and legends based on their existence spread around the world.[4]

Unknown Point of Time

  • Raizel is entrusted with the Blood Stone so that no one might know of its existence.[5]
  • A civil war breaks out in Lukedonia.
  • Raizel kills his brother.
  • Some Werewolves rule over human villages and a clash with the Nobles follows.[6]
  • Muzaka punishes the Werewolves who claim to be hiding among humans and just murdered a few.

12 Years Later

  • Muzaka meets Raizel.[7]
  • An internal conflict of Werewolves is underway after Muzaka learns the truth of his pack's activities from the Nobles.

1000+ Years Ago

  • There's a large disturbance in the human world. The Previous Lord orders two clan leaders (Ragar Kertia & Gejutel K. Landegre) to capture Frankenstein.[8]
  • Frankenstein evades capture and meets Rai.[9]
  • Frankenstein becomes the butler at Rai's mansion.[10]
  • Frankenstein meets the noble Lord.[11]

(850+ years ago)

  • The Lord gives earrings, and offers the Lord's position to Rai - which he declines.[12]

10 years later

820+ Years Ago

  • Rai seals Frankenstein's powers.[14]
  • It is decided that the next Lord will be Raskreia.[15]
  • Rai was still on friendly terms with the six traitors.[16]

820 years ago (about 1190)

  • Ashleen was murdered by a werewolf and Muzaka thought he was a human and went on a rampage.
  • Rai faced off Muzaka to prevent him from annihilating human race.[17]
  • Both Rai and Muzaka exhausted their powers in the fight and entered hibernation. Nobles assumed Rai was missing while the werewolves assumed Muzaka was dead.


  • Nobles failed to find Rai, Frankenstein leaves Lukedonia to search on his own. He suspects nobles to be involved in his Master's disappearance.[18][19]
  • They start calling themselves Noblesse.[20]
  • Ragnarok's split portion hidden in temple after Rai had gone into hibernation and Frankenstein sealed the mansion.[21][22][23]
  • Rai's mansion and surroundings was made Forbidden Area.
  • The Previous Lord also arranged for Ragar Kertia to split his soul weapon.


  • 540 years ago - Union finds Frankenstein's research journal.[24]

Circa 1510

  • Rael has lived for at least 500 years prior to his introduction in the story.[25]


  • 500 years ago, the previous Lord and 7 of the old clan leaders choose to enter eternal sleep.[26]
  • Before entering eternal sleep, he asks Gejutel to stay and help the new generation of Nobles.[27]
  • The 6 traitors refuse to enter Eternal Sleep with Lord.[28]
  • The princess Raskreia takes position of the Lord of Nobles.
  • Traitors take advantage of confusion during transfer of power to the princess and betray Lukedonia.[29][30]
  • Ragar Kertia, the old Kertia clan leader, bequeaths a partial soul weapon to Rael before following the previous Lord to his eternal sleep.[31]


  • 400 years ago - Humans could barely protect themselves.[32]

Post 1610

  • Treaty made between Union & Noblesse.[33]
    • Nobles decide to no longer interfere in human affairs.[34]


  • Seira is born.[35]


  • Regis is born.[36]



  • 100+ years ago -
    • Head of Loyard Clan & Gejutel's son, Roussare returned to earth.[38]
    • Traitors created a trap for nobles. A situation was created in which humans were forced to seek help from nobles. Loyard Clan Leader and Roussare answered the call for help.[39][40]
    • Modified humans were involved.[41]
    • Head of Loyard Clan was killed by Zarga Siriana, a former clan leader, and now one of the traitor nobles and an elder of the Union.[42]
  • Seira becomes the Loyard Clan leader, the youngest in noble history.[43]


  • Takeo is born [44]



  • Kids are born.


  • 10 years ago - Rael placed in solitary confinement after going on a violent rampage when Seira refused his proposal.[46]


  • M-21 & M-24 haven't seen Crombel in 3 years, they took on outside missions to avoid Crombel's attention [47]


  • 2 years ago – Shin Woo confessed his love to Yuna.[48]


  • Around a year ago, Shark met a group of people who called themselves Noblesse, who, in the end, were on their knees pleading for their lives.[49]


  • Building Rai woke up in was built 4 months prior, abandoned one month prior to his awakening.[50]
  • A few days prior to Rai's awakening the infected (who was still human back then) left the casket at the apartment building & no one else knew about this.[51]


  • Rai awakens.[52]
  • M-21 joins Frankenstein's household.
  • Crombel meets Frankenstein.[53]
  • Frankenstein is entering data about ramen experiment & states the year is 2010.[54]
  • Seira and Regis come to investigate and remain in Frankenstein's residence.
  • Tao and Takeo join special security with M-21 at Ye Ran after the other DA-5 members are annihilated.
  • Dr. Aris investigates DA5's defeat with Yuri. Aris is life drained Yuri escapes carring her.


  • Rai and Frankenstein return to Lukedonia.[55]

The Night of the Full Moon

  • Rai finds Ragnarok within his own slumber shrine with the old Lord's message.
  • Rai stops Gejutel's execution.[56]
  • Rai and Raskreia duel.[57][58][59]
  • Misunderstanding between Rai and Raskreia clears up after Frankenstein's explanation and Raskreia finally possesses both halves of Ragnarok.
  • Lukedonia is visible in satellite for a short while due to power collision of noble hierarchy and Lukedonia is attacked by a Union fleet; everything brought under control effectively by Ludis.
  • Rai, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo, M-21, Regis and Seira return home in South Korea.
  • KSA becomes interested in Shinwoo and Ik-han to recruit them as agents.
  • KSA agents Sangeen and Yonsu form an agreement with RK-4 after knowing each other's identity.


  • Cerberus arrives in South Korea followed by the 12th Elder.
  • Both Cerberus and the Elder are annihilated by Rai, Frankenstein, Seira and RK-4.
  • It is revealed that Roctis, one of the traitor clan leaders, is one of the Elders of the Union.
  • Rai is revealed to have been mortally wounded before his hibernation and is now beyond healing.
  • Frankenstein presents Rai with a ring to supplement his earring in stopping his power leakage.
  • The RK-4 formally becomes RK-5; now with 6 members.
  • Frankenstein's past story is revealed.
  • Mark infiltrates into Frankenstein's residence as M-24.
  • Two more elders (10th and 11th) are sent for investigation along with Yuri and Bonerre (working as Crombel's spies); they are also annihilated by Rai and Frankenstein.
  • Rai enters short hibernation.


  • Frankenstein trains the RK team in his private island.
  • 5th, 7th and 8th Elders arrive in Korea and declare war against the Nobles.
  • Yuri, Mark and Kalvin are sent to retrieve remaining data from Frankenstein's lab; RK team faces them and is later joined by Rael who kills Kalvin; Yuri and Mark flee.
  • Frankenstein, Rajak and Seira face the Elders
  • Frankenstein goes full berserk while fighting with 5th Elder.
  • Rai awakens...
  • Rai disposes of the 7th & 8th Elders (ex- clan leaders) and sends his arrival message to other elders through the 5th Elder
  • Frankenstein gifts Rai an earring.[60]
  • Ignes Kravei kidnaps Seira for experiment and lures Rael and Regis to the secret island of her father.
  • Rajak follows Rael's trail and leads Rai and Frankenstein to rescue the noble children.
  • 5th Elder and Kentas arrive on the same island to investigate Roctis and associates as per 2nd Elder's order.
  • Rajak and Kentas face each other while Frankenstein kills the 9th Elder.
  • Rai frees the children and punishes Ignes.
  • Rai sentences Roctis to a forced eternal sleep.[61]


  • Muzaka Awakens.[62]
  • Rai defeats Muzaka in the continuation of the battle from 820 years ago.
  • Rai announces he doesn't have much time to live.
  • A sudden invasion of 3rd and 5th Elders is confronted by Karias while the security trio face Kentas.
  • Raskreia arrives in Korea with Gejutel and they save both Karias and the trio.
  • Raskreia stabs Rai with Ragnarok to restore his life force.
  • The Previous Lord appears again and his imprint is revealed to be actually part of his soul.
  • Muzaka is caught by Dr. Crombel.
  • Raskreia visits Ye Ran High School [63] and experiences normal life for a day before returning to Lukedonia.
  • Muzaka comes to Ye Ran High School to meet Raizel.[64]
  • Frankenstein injects some of the Dark Spear's powers into Tao and Takeo.[65]
  • Two modified werewolves, Grui and Gaitan are assigned by Maduke to team up with Lunark and Kentas and assassinate Muzaka.[66]
  • Regis and Rael fight Grui and Gaitan.
  • Regis earns the soul weapon of Landegre Clan.[67]
  • Tao, Takeo and M-21 arrive to take on Gaitan.


  • Rai arrives to save the young nobles and the trio from Grui and Gaitan.
  • Muzaka joins the fight and punishes his tribe.
  • The remaining traitor nobles - Lagus, Gradeus and Edian, meet with the Lord of werewolves, Maduke, to plan an attack on Lukedonia.
  • Rajak leaves Lukedonia to convey the message that Regis is appointed as the new Landegre Clan Leader.
  • The three traitor nobles and three werewolves head towards Lukedonia.
  • Rajak meet the enemies midway and fights them by himself.
  • Rajak kills Kuharu.
  • Rajak receives a mortal blow from Gradeus and enters eternal sleep.
  • Rael's power awaken (with Rajak's death) and he attains a complete soul weapon.
  • Rai and Frankenstein set off for Lukedonia.
  • The traitors arrive in Lukedonia and split up to begin invasion - Lagus poisons Gejutel, Edian visits Rai's mansion, Gradeus slaughters Central Order while the two werewolves meet up with a third comrade, Kaiyo.
  • Ludis faces Gradeus in battle and learns of Rajak's death.
  • Kei fights the three werewolves.
  • Lagus comes to aid Gradeus against Ludis; the latter is overcome.
  • Rozaria joins the fight against Lagus and Gradeus; Edian arrives.
  • Rai and Frankenstein arrive in Lukedonia.
  • The Lord of Nobles joins the battle herself.[68]


  • The Lord and the traitors finally meet and their battle begins.
  • The Noblesse's Mansion is destroyed.[69]
  • Rai sends Frankenstein to join the battle.
  • Rai finds that the Blood Stone has been stolen from his mansion.[70]
  • Rai joins the battle against the invaders.
  • Lagus uses the Blood Stone to outmatch Rai.
  • Edian uses herself to shield Rai from Lagus' attack.
  • Rai forces Lagus into eternal sleep.
  • Edian enters eternal sleep after spending her last moments in Rai's arms.


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