Physical Transformation is a common ability among the high-leveled Modified Humans and all Werewolves.


All Modified Humans shown in the series thus far have been shown to possess physical capabilities beyond that of normal humans, making them much stronger, faster and more durable with much better senses. Some modified humans are able to react fast enough to dodge bullets. Ked and Lutai are durable enough to withstand impacts from bullets without injury and shrug them off like it was nothing. Even if a modified human is hurt, their recovery rate is much faster than that of normal humans. Takeo’s eyesight is strong enough to allow him to accurately hit a target from several miles away with a sniper rifle.

Aside from these physical enhancements, the more powerful modified humans with transformation abilities can further increase their power by transforming to gain access to new abilities or to simply enhance the power and efficiency of their existing abilities.


Partial Transformation

First physical transformation starts in the arms of human body which is unique to the person.

  • Jake: Purple and pink spiked arms.
  • Mary: Black and greenish spiked arms.
  • M-21: Black claws and grey furry hands.
  • 9th Elder: Spider legs on his back which can shoot aura beams.
  • Werewolves: Enlarged claws and furry hands.

Full Transformation

After experiments on Jake, Union Scientists perfected the full-body physical transformation and implanted it to Infected. This ability has been implanted in some Elders.

  • Jake: Purple and pink skinned spiky humanoid.
  • Infected: Purple skinned and pink chained kraken-like humanoid.
  • Krantz: Grey-Blue skinned and shiny-bluish spiked muscular humanoid.
  • 12th Elder: Grey and bluish bat-like humanoid.
  • Dr. Aris: Pink nano-suit.
  • Muar: Green mantis-like humanoid.
  • Rostere: Grey furry rhino-like humanoid.
  • Roctis: Brown skinned and white-lined muscular humanoid.
  • 8th Elder: Blue cyborg humanoid. Gains two barrel tanks on his back and his grey arm turns blue.
  • Werewolves: Wolf-like humanoids with fur, enlarged fangs and claws. Some modified werewolf warriors possess the ability to undergo a second transformation. This brings about a drastic increase in their speed and accelerates their regeneration ability. For instance, Krano, a werewolf who earned his title of a warrior subsequent to accepting physical modification, briefly outpaces Rael and withstands his attacks after a second transformation. It is revealed that injuries inflicted by Dark Spear are particularly fatal for modified werewolves.[1]


  • Unlike Modified Humans, the initial transformation of werewolves is not modification.


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