Urokai Agvain (Kor. 우로카이 아그바인) was a Noble and a previous Clan Leader of Lukedonia. He was one of the six Noble Clan Leaders who declined to enter the Eternal Sleep with the previous Lord, and then betrayed the current Lord about 500 years before the start of the series. He was the 6th Elder of the Union.


He had long, red, wavy hair that extended past his shoulders and the characteristic crimson eyes of a Noble. His left eye was injured by Frankenstein and is covered with an eye patch with a cross on it. As a Clan leader, he used to be dressed in black attires like the other clan leaders. As a union Elder, he wears a white robe over a pair of white trousers.


Urokai was very talkative, highly jealous, bitterly angry, spiteful, expresses negative emotions in a very strong and explosive manner. It is revealed that he betrayed Raizel out of feeling unappreciated and jealousy. Urokai accused Raizel of displaying indifference toward those who followed him (including Urokai); yet he took Frankenstein, a puny mortal, under his wings over other nobles. Furthermore, this feeling was strengthened by the fact that Raizel would kill the members of his own race for the sake of humans. So Urokai agreed to eliminate his former master to 'correct' him of his 'wrong' path.

However, when Raizel declared that he respected traitors's deeds because that was their will, even though it was an act of treachery, Raizel responded in his usual stoic, tepid manner, which enraged Urokai even more. It would seem Urokai had wanted Raizel to notice him.

After being defeated by Raizel, Urokai asked whether their betrayal had really not caused him anger. Raizel responded that it had only caused him to feel sorrow. Realizing that Raizel cared for him, he felt regret. Urokai apologized to Raizel for making him feel sad, before entering Eternal Sleep. In Raizel's flashbacks after the battle, Urokai and Zarga can be seen visiting him in his mansion, with Urokai bringing him tea that he had practiced making.


Urokai was the leader of Agvain Clan and one of the traitor nobles who betrayed the current Lord and Rai. His left eye was lost in a fight with Frankenstein in the earlier days of Frankenstein's arrival in Lukedonia. He was directly involved with the incident that triggered Rai to exhaust his life force and enter hibernation. At some point, Urokai later become a part of The Union as the 6th Elder after leaving Lukedonia.

Plot Overview

Volume 5

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

Destroyed School
Urokai makes his appearance during the fight between Frankenstein and 5th Elder. He wonders why the fight is still going on and sarcastically taunts the 8th for his injuries. After Urokai has a brief conversation with the elders and Frankenstein, he requests to fight Frankenstein to settle an old score but the 5th denies his request and he has to spend his time watching their battle.

Reunion Arc

The Earnest Wish
Eventually, Urokai begins to take a more offensive approach when Frankenstein begins to attack both him and Zarga while he was being possessed by the Dark Spear. Urokai releases his soul weapon and clashes with Frankenstein for a little while until the 5th Elder tells him to fall back (much to his displeasure). Urokai backs off and observes the battle between the 5th and Frankenstein once more while commenting on Frankenstein's power in his new form.
Franken stabbed by Urokai's spear

Urokai attacks Frankenstein unexpectedly.

Eventually, Urokai interrupts their fight by throwing his soul weapon at Frankenstein and the damage from the blow makes the latter revert back to his normal form. Urokai laughs maniacally for his successful hit on him while taunting him about how he simply used Frankenstein's own dirty tactics against him.
Urokai takes charge of the battle due to the 5th Elder loosing interest thanks to the interference and begins to clash with Frankenstein. Owing to his injuries, he is overpowered by Urokai without much effort. During the battle, Urokai is approached by the 5th whether he is really enjoying beating someone who is barley able to fight. However, Urokai doesn't suppress his delight as he continues to attack Frankenstein and even claim that Frankenstein was the reason he had left Lukedonia. Eventually, Seira steps in the battle and manages to protect Frankenstein from Urokai's attack. She begins to engage in battle with him, an attempt which he quickly overwhelms and almost kills her when she is rescued by Rajak (which leaves Urokai shocked to see current nobles have to help each other in fights). He then attempts to finish all three of them with another energy attack, however, it is blocked by Rai who has just arrived at the battle scene.
Surprised to find Rai alive after so long a period of time, both Urokai and Zarga greet him and wonder if he wants to know why they had betrayed him. However, Rai declares that he respects their decisions. This statement alone makes Urokai furious. He assumes that Rai doesn't care for them at all and so it doesn't matter to him why they had betrayed back then. Urokai and Zarga make a joint attack on Rai. However, Rai outmatches them and sentences them to forced eternal sleep.
As his body starts to disintegrate into blood crystals, Urokai asks Rai for the last time whether he actually felt no anger after knowing everything. Rai replies that what he felt wasn't anger but sadness. Urokai apologizes to Rai as he fully disintegrates into thin air.
"Please forgive me for causing you sadness."

Volume 6

This is a flashback arc where the incidents from hundred years back are unfold. It was shortly after Frankenstein had started residing with Raizel in Lukedonia. Urokai was one of the six clan leaders who used to visit the Noblesse rather often compared to the others. Their visits became more frequent after the arrival of the infamous human.
On one such occasion, Urokai and Roctis visited the Noblesse's mansion and met Raizel alone in his room. Urokai, angry with the human getting chance to live with Rai, was constantly asking whether the human troubled him. Receiving no answer from the other end, Urokai wished to brew Raizel some tea but was further shocked to see the already served tea on the table (clearly brewed by 'the human'). After Raizel's inquiry regarding their frequent visits, they revealed that they were running an errand for their Lord who wished to meet Frankenstein.
Urokai and Roctis approached Frankenstein and Ragar who were on a short break from their sparring session. Urokai started by chiding Ragar for training with the newcomer but the latter responded rather in the opposite sense, telling them he found training with Frankenstein quite helpful. Frankenstein vexed Urokai for scorning a human, further infuriating the clan leader who said that he only rebuked the likes of him whose lust for power made them lower than humans and stated the real reason for his dislike of him: he got to stay with 'him'! Interference from Ragar prevented further commotions and the two clan leaders revealed the reason for their errand after which Ragar took Frankenstein to answer the Lord's summon.
Urokai, accompanied by Zarga and Rocis, approached Frankenstein again while the latter was on his way back to the mansion. When Frankenstein showed reluctance at engaging in any conversation with them, Urokai started brandishing his fury against Frankenstein, telling he would not let him get away forever just because the Lord and Raizel had shown him leniency. Frankenstein's provocative replies did little but fuel his fury even more. Urokai demanded that he left Lukedonia instantly to which Frankenstein reminded that he was not staying at Urokai's house, hinting Urokai had no authority to tell him to leave. Urokai accused Frankenstein of having hidden intentions for staying with Raizel. This accusation compelled Frankenstein to reveal his own suspicions regarding them, the six particular clan leaders who showed an undue interest in Raizel.
Afterwards, the three clan leaders, along with another clan leader called Lagus Tradio, held a meeting regarding Frankenstein. Urokai relinquished his intolerance of the human abiding under the protection of Raizel. After they had come to agreement that Frankenstein poised an obvious threat to their plans, Lagus suggested a way to get rid of their thorn. They schemed to trigger Frankenstein's outbursts against him and Lagus conjured a pendant which he was given by the humans with the belief that it would drive Frankenstein mad. Urokai voluntarily took the item, along with the responsibility of finishing his arch nemesis - Frankenstein.
Urokai seized his opportunity to duel Frankenstein when they (the four clan leaders) came across Frankenstein and Gejutel in the palace hallway, learning from the latter that Frankenstein required a partner for sparring as Gejutel had other engagements.
This led to the battle where Urokai lost his eye to Frankenstein. He gave away to Frankenstein's provocation and charged with his attacks at the opponent who had been holding off so that Urokai underrated him. It provided the chance for a sudden, full-on strike of Dark Spear which took Urokai's left eye. The battle came to a halt and Frankenstein was about to retreat with a jeer, however, was stopped by Urokai who showed him an item he claimed to have picked up from the ground. Just as Frankenstein's eyes beheld the pendant, he got into a fit of rage and went berserk, being consumed by the Dark Spear. Urokai had his wish fulfilled as he could finally engage into a battle to death. They continued their rampage of fury attacking each other but their final blows were blocked by the Lord and Raizel.


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Powers & Abilities

As a former clan leader & the 6th elder urokai was a powerful individual. He showed his prowess by being able to fight Frankenstein.

Soul Weapon

Dragus: Urokai's soul weapon is a glaive. Its characteristics are similar to Gejutel's Legasus. Urokai has shown remarkable efficiency with it when he showed up as an Elder. He used Dragus to deflect Frankenstein's attacks with relative ease. He has also been shown to fire long range energy attacks with his pole arm.
Urokai and Zarga vs cadis etrama di raizel 20


  • Hydra/Dragon: Urokai and Zarga's unique energy beam which is first seen used against Rai. Zarga and Urokai release a massive amount of stored up aura energy from their Soul Weapons, and create an enormous creature that seems to be a cross between a traditional Chinese dragon and the Greek Hydra. It has a long serpentine body, similar to an oriental dragon, however, it has multiple serpents protruding from its mane. The creature's size dwarfs hundreds of city blocks. The energy beast flies toward the target, and collides into its enemy with jaws open wide, with force of several large bombs.

Physical Prowess

As a former Noble Clan Leader and one of the Union Elders, Urokai possesses incredible abilities. Urokai has vast amounts of strength, being able destroy the surrounding area and create large craters with casual punches. Urokai is fast enough to keep up with extremely fast opponents such as Frankenstein, who is easily hypersonic. Urokai is also able to endure the attacks of powerful opponents such as Frankenstein, which can easily destroy dozens city blocks.

Aura Manipulation


Urokai creating energy serpents in his fight with Frankenstein

As a former Noble Clan Leader and one of the Union Elders, he possesses an immense amount of raw spiritual energy (aura). His spiritual energy is red, similar to Rai's aura, and the way it is manipulated is very similar to  Frankenstein's aura. After he has summoned his soul weapon, he can shoot aura energy projectiles from his weapon.

  • Energy Serpents: Urokai can create multiple individual snakes out of aura energy. These snakes strike with enormous force and seem to explode on contact with enemy. However, they can also be used to strangle the opponent, slash the opponent with their fangs, or hold them down.



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