Wings of the Wind

  • I live in Bangladesh
  • My occupation is Architect, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Wiki Editor
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Wings of the Wind is a Bureaucrat in the Noblesse Wiki
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Hi Everyone!
I'm Bani, otherwise known as Wings. This wiki has been my haunt ever since I've joined (btw I'm the third one to join this household). I have had loads of help and support from my revered wiki-mates (especially Bharat) since I was an editor (a mere beginner without the slightest idea what to do!) up until now that I am an admin. In a nutshell, this wiki feels just like Franken's household where I see myself as one of the boarders and my fellow lodgers ~ who else but you all?

My Introduction to Noblesse
I had finished reading a manga in mangafox and wondering what to read next that my eyes caught a pic of Rai in manga rating list. I thought to give it a go even though it had crossed 100 chapters by then and whoosh...what a ride that has been! Noblesse is the best manhwa I've ever read.

My Wiki Life
By the time I reached about ch 150 or so, I came across a link posted by Bharatram in mangafox forums. It was the beginning of my wiki journey. I started as complete novice and am currently an admin here.

My Interests
I like to do a bit of almost everything :D

Recently I'm more into

  • Proofreading
  • Customizing templates

My Favorite Pages
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