I'm not talking about the thing she uses to fight M-21 in Ch 420 but the whip she uses to block Kentas' attack after he gets up. M-21 is still bound so it's not the same one. Of course, she could produce more of those. It's obviously her weapon of choice(remember the charming kiss she gives to Regis?).

I was wondering if Roctis decided not to bequeath it to her, after saying that he had engraved Rai's advice on his soul. It would have been priceless if she tries to summon it but fails to do so. However, daddy's little princess was so eager to try it. There is no way she would be so normal(as per her standards) if that was the case.

Ignes is one of my favourite characters because I believe that competent villians are pivotal to an interesting story and she is the last of the traitor Nobles we know of. She is evil beyond redemption. I hope she does not die quickly. I'm sure that the fans who spite her would be disappointed too. A blood field or getting sliced by Muzaka's claws would be disappointing. Maybe Lunark(it would only be fair that she saves Kentas) or Rael(revenge time) or Karius(fight someone her generation). But I definitely want her to have a soul weapon when the battle does take place.

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