Chapter 435

The fan girls' prayers have been answered- Juraki made an entrance...wait..they are still praying...they STILL want him to join Frankenstein's residence. Hopeless! I fancy him, but I would be disappointed if he has a change of heart-not that it should absolve him. We are talking about mass murder here.

Hand-to-hand combat gets particularly dull with all the werewolf clichés but this time it was pretty decent. I'm perfectly tired of "you have lost your pride as a warrior", "No, you have lost your pride as a warrior", "future of the race"...blah blah

Urne's sadistic side made things interesting and I'm glad M-21 did not have an unreasonable surge in power. I liked how Juraki remained devoid of any expressions while fighting Lunark. The way he warned her when was distracted with M-21 gave me the chills. Perfect.

We all expected Juraki, so the show stealers were the members of the RK-5. Urne is not goingto be very happy with you, Tao.

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