Muhahahah!!(evil laugh)

I shared the news with Strix and Joan (not John, for the longest time I thought it was John) even though it pops in the recent activities.Infact, the edit that resulted in the badge was to tell Joan about it.

I don't know at what point I started aiming for it. I considered being stingy with my edits for it but eh....intend to upload a series of gifs (Do check the GIF gallery, I think of it as the my best contribution so far but I doubt anyone visits it😥]

Anyway, human (and werewolf) greed has no limit. I want the wiki life badge! Joan, please don't give up on it, it's encouraging to have company.

The Grim reaper and the addicted to ramen bages are my favourite badges. Which badge is yours?

P.S. - Have you tasted ramen?

WOAH!! I just got a lucky edit badge!! Probability, was on my side but still. I need to work on being humble.

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