It seems the werewolf race is split in some classes

1. Commoners/experiment fodder 2. Commoners who earned the title of a warriors after physical enhancement(and approve of using fellow commoners as experiment fodder): Uzhir, Gorma, Krano etc 3. Warriors: Kentas, Lunark, Drakon 4. Warriors who are strong enough to contend for position of the Lord: Zaiga, Dorant 5. The Lord: Muzaka, Maduke

In the latest chapter(435), Muzaka reveals that he believed Dorant would suceed him. But it is noteworthy that Dorant is subservient to Maduke who in turn was intimidated by Muzaka. They may respect Maduke for pursuing their ambitions but a morally bankrupt clan will not think twice about replacing him with someone stronger. Maduke is the Alpha.

This is after Dorant has reached adulthood and accepted the new power. What if the physical modification technology restricts the powers of the warriors. It may drastically enhance the regular werewolves but it does not do so proportionally for the warriors. This way, Maduke has more warriors but at the same time no one who can threaten him.

What about Juraki? How strong is he? Urne, Mirai and Gayare treated him like a leader. (To think of it, Zaiga's team was the first to not have four members.)

In retrospect, it will be funny how the werewolves kept talking about the extinction of the nobles.

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