I decided to recreate this post here, because the original post was deleted.

1. Since we have so many unnamed CF (Cannon Fodder) characters, should we just invent names for them? That way we can create pages for them. Or maybe have a category for unnamed characters and add them as sub pages? Since the characters, although CF and unnamed, do feature in several chapters. We have a page for the English Teacher, who featured in one panel, in the first season. Hence, my suggestion.

2. I know in the past, before we managed to get official arc names, we used to make them up. Should we make up the arc names for volumes 6-8, until we're able to get hold of the official arc names? Although this would mean knowing when one arc ends and another arc begins. I'm not really sure how to work that out, since I can't work that out for the current arcs. I also think it would be useful, to add which chapters are included in each arc, on the arc pages, to make it less confusing.

Please respond when you can, it'll make a complete mess of the wiki if I implement these changes on my own.

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