Werewolves know that Muzaka is super strong but they once again send 4 WWs to face him and Lunark. Of course Maduke plans to use the experiment from Ignes' experiments to kill Muzaka but still he would loose more power if he blindly send his warriors to face him and Lunark.

He has already lost 6 modified Warriors (2 by Muzaka and 4 at Lukedonia). Well, it's fine as super strong werewolves with fighting experience don't matter. Let them die!

Now, why am I saying the werewolves almost killed me by their stupidity in this chapter?

Well, it's because the short blonde haired WW told the RoboWolf to fight Frankenstein. And that the other three would face Muzaka and Lunark. See? How smart!! Two of them would face Muzaka and the last Lunark! So smart! 

Plus he thinks that the RoboWolf would have easy time killing Frankenstein. believe that the the human in front of you is from Union and he dared to invade your territory. So of course he would be super weak!!

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