The story is getting annoying. Author would say Rai is close to death but in the next moment he would kill strong opponents like killing chickens.

Lagus Tradio was hyped so much after he fused with Blood Stone by saying that Rai can't defeat him unless he was as strong as when he killed his elder brother. Lagus absorbed the powers of Werewolves but at the end everything was for naught. Rai having weak life force hardly matters.

In season 4, Rai's life and death crisis were the main focus. Well, even near the death he was able to kill two human elders 10th &12th), three former clan leaders (Zarga, Urokai and Roctis), and fight Muzaka before getting more life force from Ragnarok.

I don't mind Rai killing his opponents so easily. What I hate is that author would try to hype new enemies by making us believe that Rai can't help much. (Coughing up blood isn't something new... Rai has been doing that since season 2).

Also, please no more kidnapping/rescue arcs. Before this M-21 kidnapping arc we had Regis, Seira and Rael kidnapped. Before that the children by Yuri/Mark. Long before that Tao and Takeo by Bonerre/Yuri. Much much before that M-21 and children were kidnapped by DA-5. Years ago the children were kidnapped by Jake. Even before Jake the children were kidnapped by M21/24.

Seriously this pattern needs to change.

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