Hey guys, I would like to recommend to you to read Noblesse S, which is available on Naver Books but I am not sure where to find the English version. It reveals a lot more about the 'normal' life of Rai and co. and it is actually quite nice taking a break from the recent tension that has been building up. You get to know more about what the guard trio are like and they even get a new pet, which Rai picked up on street after going for his regular walks!! Also, I would like to tell you that the authors have also drawn many other mini-series webtoons, purposely drawn to advertise a brand (like Samsung) and these Webtoons reveal even more about Rai (and his continuing effort to improve his gaming abilities)!! All this is because Noblesse is so popular and now it's appearing in adverts weekly!! Sadly, I have to admit that Noblesse is probably going to end at the end of this (Volume 6) or the next season so maybe we should do our best to read as much of it before it may potentially turn into a paid webtoon after its completion (Naver is starting to do this, after the consent of the authors; Noblesse authors haven't said anything of this yet). 

To support the authors, we also should read their other webtoon, Ability, which is frankly a lot less popular but if you read it, it is actually quite similar to Noblesse in many ways other than the fact the the characters are much more attractive on Noblesse! :L

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