Uzhir (also spelled Ujir/Wuzir) (Kor. 우지르) was a werewolf warrior who served Maduke.


Uzhir was of Herculean build with dark brown skin tone and long brown hair secured in a high ponytail. He had a prominent scar on the left side of his forehead and wore golden wrist cuffs.


Uzhir was a cold and calculated person. He thought it was a matter of fact that the weak among their clan are being used as fodder for the physical enhancement technology. Despite this, he prided himself as a warrior. He displayed unwavering loyalty towards Maduke till the very end.


Uzhir was one of the many werewolves who had embraced modification to become warrior and supported Maduke through and through.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Uzhir is sent along with Gotaru and two other warriors to hunt down Kentas who escaped after destroying the labs. He and his crew members corner Kentas shortly after he parts ways with M-21. When Kentas tells them that dozens of werewolves were sacrificed in the labs, to his horror, Uzhir casually remarks that he had expected a higher death toll. Kentas attacks them on learning that they had recently dispatched henchmen to gather more subjects. Uzhir confesses that he wanted to fight Kentas for a long time because of his sanctimonious ideals about the pride of their clan and fights him. Kentas is at a disadvantage because his body is far from its normal state. However, Gayare interferes and seeks Uzhir's permission to battle Kentas, at which Uzhir reluctantly concedes.
Uzhir is watching Gayare and Kentas fight. After Gayare makes light work of Kentas, Uzhir wonders how it could end so quickly and thinks that maybe Kentas' body wasn't in it's normal state. Gotaru asks if that's the case, then why didn't he just run away instead of destroying the lab.
As Kentas and Gayare continue their fight, Gotaru, Uzhir and the other warriors watch. Uzhir is impressed by Kentas' resilience, whereas Gotaru dismisses Kentas, since he's a complete wreck, however, Uzhir remarks that he'd like to see Kentas' power, when he's in his normal state. Ignes arrives at the scene with a badly injured M-21. M-21 tries to wake Kentas up, while Ignes brutalises him into silence. Kentas staggers forth to attack her with an energy beam, which she blocks. Much to the shock of the werewolves and Ignes, Kentas is back on his feet.
Ignes is impressed with Kentas as he can still stand even after her experiments and his fight with Gayare, she rambles on her hypothesis, which irritates Gayare. Gayare tells Ignes to get lost, unless she has a death wish. When she refuses, Gayare approaches her, ready to make good on his threat. Uzhir stops Gayare from fighting with Ignes, reminding him that she is doing important work for their Lord. Uzhir also tells Ignes to not interfere as the matter is between warriors of their race. When Gayare accuses Kentas of defending a human over his clan, Kentas mocks them and denounces they're no longer fit to be called members of their clan. The surrounding warriors are amused, Gotaru questions what Kentas is saying, with one of them wondering if Kentas is in his right mind.
Uzhir and Gotaru are watching the battle wear on between Kentas and Gayare. Uzhir remarks that Gayare is becoming increasingly flustered at the situation. Gotaru responds that it'd be even stranger if he were calm, and that he's flustered, just watching the battle and can't imagine what it must be like for Gayare. When Gayare stabs Kentas through the stomach, Uzhir believes the battle is over, ending in Gayare's favour. However, he and the other werewolves are shocked to see Kentas defeat Gayare. Gotaru wonders how it's possible for Gayare to lose, while Kentas stands before the spectators and asks whichever one of them is next, to step forward.
Kentas falls to the ground exhausted. Uzhir tells him that he acknowledges his strength, but he shouldn't have fought with him when he's not in his optimal state. Uzhir mentions that he fought him for old times' sake and that even if they hadn't fought, the ending was already predetermined. Kentas responds that its not over yet and that he can continue. Uzhir comments that he doesn't understand why he's forcing himself to continue, and that it was a surprise that he managed to beat Gayare, but that was only because he hadn't used up all of his strength. Uzhir asks if he thinks he can beat them in his current condition when he can barely stand, or did he suffer one to many blows to the head. Kentas gets to his feet and declares that he doesn't think he can beat him, and that he's fighting to the end as a warrior for his people, who were betrayed by the Lord and the warriors they trusted to protect them. Gotaru shouts to Uzhir asking how long he's going to listen to Kentas spout such nonsense and if he doesn’t want to finish off Kentas, tell him and he'll do it. Before Uzhir can respond a voice asks them what's wrong, and whether it's hard for them to hear what Kentas is saying because they feel guilty. The warriors are left in shock as Muzaka and Rai make their appearance.
Uzhir isn't surprised by Muzaka's arrival, since they were expecting him, and wonders about Rai's identity. Uzhir announces to Muzaka that they've been waiting for him. Muzaka replies that there's no way Maduke wouldn't know he'd come. Uzhir wonders why Muzaka brought the Nobles here, and states that it's as expected of a traitor like Muzaka. Muzaka responds that he didn't bring the Noble, and that he came for his own reasons. Muzaka asks Kentas about M-21's location. Kentas tells them that he was captured by a Noble named Ignes, and he was taken back to the lab. Muzaka instructs Rai to go on ahead. Just as Rai is about to leave, Gotaru stands in his way. Rai asks him to step aside. Gotaru refuses, asking if he's stupid and whether he thinks that he'll step aside, just because Rai asks him to. Muzaka suggests that Gotaru let Rai leave. Rai releases his aura, leaving Gotaru shocked and scared. The other werewolves are surprised at the level of Rai's power, as the ground begins to shake. Uzhir wonders if Rai's overwhelming power means he's the Noblesse. Rai takes his leave. Muzaka chides the warriors stating that's why he told them to let Rai go, and they should have listened to him, but it doesn't matter now and asks if they'd like to get started, with their business.
Gotaru is still reeling from Rai's attack. Muzaka tells the warriors that he would like to go on a rampage, but he has something he'd like to ask them first. Uzhir wonders what he could possibly want to ask them. Muzaka asks if it's true the Maduke has been sacrificing their people to increase his power and whether they and the other 'so-called warriors' are going along with it. The blue-faced werewolf laughs, before enquiring when Muzaka last set foot in their territory, since betraying them, and asks if that's all he has to say after returning to their homeland for the first time in centuries. Uzhir states that if he truly wishes for an answer then he'll tell him, and confirms Muzaka's suspicions, adding it's how they made their people stronger. The blue-faced wolf wonders why Muzaka came to their land, and whether it was just to ask that, before adding that it seems like the traitor still considers himself a Lord. Muzaka is angered by the blue-faced wolf's dismissal, before shouting back, they have no problem with using their own people to gain power, and if that's the way a Lord and his warriors should behave. Kentas is surprised by Muzaka's outburst. Uzhir retorts that it seems any further conversations with him will be meaningless, and tells him that he's mistaken about something. He's no longer their Lord, but a traitor who abandoned them long ago. Suddenly, the blue-faced werewolf attacks Muzaka from behind, declaring that he's just their prey. Muzaka grits his teeth and transforms. He turns and attacks the blue-faced werewolf, pushing him back. Kentas and the other warriors are shocked to see this. The blue-faced werewolf is injured, as Muzaka follows up his attack by slashing at him, thus pushing back even further, before he can finish off the blue-faced werewolf, Muzaka senses something from behind, and blocks a punch from the green-haired werewolf. The green-haired wolf glares at Muzaka, just as Muzaka grabs him and swings him round by the wrist, before knocking him into the ground. Muzaka then stomps on the green-haired werewolves' stomach burying him even further. Muzaka senses something and is unable to avoid an attack by Uzhir. The blow pushes him back. Muzaka steadies himself and faces the three warriors, who in turn have gathered themselves and glare back at the former werewolf Lord. Kentas is worried by the turn of events, as he's still to injured to help. Muzaka tells the werewolves they're right, and there's no need for them to continue talking.
Muzaka transforms into combat mode. Kentas is surprised to see Muzaka's true form. The blue-faced werewolf thinks this is bad. Uzhir comments that Muzaka may have been the one who led them, but he'll show him how different things are now and clenches his fists. Uzhir, the green-haired werewolf and the blue-faced werewolf transform a second time. Muzaka questions whether their second transformation and the increase in power is due to the new power they've obtained. Uzhir confirms Muzaka's suspicions, adding that this is the power the Maduke and the warriors have achieved so far. Uzhir continues that he didn't think all of them would need to fight him together, but after seeing his power, it looks like they have no other choice. Uzhir begins the attack, telling Muzaka not to resent them for the measures they have to take. Uzhir launches a punch against Muzaka, which Muzaka blocks easily. Uzhir attempts to use his free hand to launch a second punch and manages to push Muzaka back. Uzhir launches punch after punch against Muzaka, and Muzaka blocks all of them while being pushed back. Gotaru who is watching the battle from the sidelines, excitedly supports his team. Gotaru yells for them to keep charging at Muzaka and since Muzaka's a remnant of the past, getting rid of him will be easy for them now. Muzaka having had enough of being pushed back, regains his composure and slashes at Uzhir. Muzaka follows up the attack with a more powerful slash, dealing severe injuries to Uzhir in the process. While Muzaka is focused on Uzhir and pushing him back, the green-haired werewolf attacks Muzaka from behind. Muzaka senses the attack, and blocks it breaking the green-haired werewolf's hand. The blue-faced werewolf attacks Muzaka from behind and manages to land a blow against Muzaka. Muzaka regains his balance quickly, turns around and rushes towards the blue-faced werewolf, slashing him across the face, causing him to cry out in pain, holding his face. Muzaka then punches him in the stomach, sending him flying. Uzhir uses the opportunity to attack Muzaka from behind and manages to land his attack, sending Muzaka flying. Kentas cries out worried for Muzaka, as Muzaka manages to stop himself. No sooner than Muzaka stops himself, the green-haired werewolf launches a head on attack against Muzaka. Muzaka gathers his strength and severs the green-haired werewolf's left arm at the elbow. Muzaka then launches a follow up attack on the blue-faced werewolf, killing him instantly. The green-haired werewolf is worried and begins to sweat. Muzaka slams him to the ground, smashing his face in the process. Muzaka then picks up the green-haired werewolf like a rag doll and is about to finish him off when Uzhir intervenes. Uzhir fires an energy beam at Muzaka, which hits him in the back. Muzaka is thrown forward, still holding the green-haired werewolf. Uzhir attacks Muzaka from behind, however Muzaka throws the green-haired werewolf at Uzhir who catches his comrade. Uzhir is angry, however, he doesn't have any time to react since Muzaka unleashes a powerful slash attack against him and the green-haired werewolf. The blast hits both werewolves with Gotaru and Kentas shielding themselves from the blast of the impact. Muzaka is worn out, as Uzhir sinks to his knees, his body injured and in ruins. The green-haired werewolf has been wiped out of existence. Muzaka notices their lack of strength and asks if they're really warriors. Muzaka tells Uzhir that aside from him, the other warriors were nothing more than trash, unworthy of their titles. Gotaru is shocked by what he's witnessed and wonders what happened, since their Lord said they'd be more than capable of capturing Muzaka on their own. Gotaru staggers back out of fear. Kentas too, is awestruck by the power of their former Lord. Muzaka bitterly questions Uzhir, if this is all he got in return for sacrificing their own people.
Uzhir is unable to believe that he and his team can be defeated by Muzaka so one-sidedly. He thinks they surpassed the previous warriors, so they should be able to deal with him, even if he was their previous Lord. Muzaka tells Uzhir he and the others are no longer their people's warriors, at which Uzhir protests. Uzhir shouts they're stronger now, than when Muzaka led them, and they've surpassed the past warriors in strength. Muzaka tells Uzhir, they're not stronger than the past warriors and based on the ones he's just fought, most of the new warriors earned their qualifications as warriors, after obtaining the new power. Uzhir is taken aback and wonders if their decision was wrong. Muzaka tells Uzhir to come at his with all his strength and he'll do the same. Uzhir yells he'll prove he and the other warriors weren't wrong, and uses all his power to launch one final attack against Muzaka. Muzaka also launches a powerful attack and the two phantom wolves collide in mid-air with Muzaka's phantom wolf devouring Uzhir's. Uzhir is surprised to learn that he and the other warriors were wrong and dies calling Maduke's name.


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On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities


Uzhir's ultimate attack

Unlike his companions, Uzhir was close to a True Warrior in terms of power before accepting physical modifications.[1]


Like all werewolves, Uzhir can transformation his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical enhancements, Uzhir is able to transform even further. This transformation drastically increases his physical abilities and overall power.

Aura Manipulation

Uzhir was skilled at manipulating his aura, show when he fires a beam at Muzaka. He is able to utilize his clans most powerful attack that only few members can use.



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