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The journey begins when Cadis Etrama Di Raizel wakes up after sleeping for 820 years and tracks down his follower Frankenstein. Raizel has to adjust to this new world, as M-21 and M-24 come looking for some entertainment, leading them into conflict with a mysterious organisation known as the Union.

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 1 30 December 2007 Rai awakens.
Chapter 2 01 January 2008 Rai follows Shinwoo to Ye Ran High School.
Chapter 3 01 January 2008 Rai walks into Ye Ran High School.
Chapter 4 01 January 2008 Shinwoo takes Rai to the Principal.
Chapter 5 01 January 2008 Master and Servant reunited.
Chapter 6 01 January 2008 The Principal is actually Rai's follower, Frankenstein!
Chapter 7 01 January 2008 Rai's first day at school!
Chapter 8 01 January 2008 Rai's day continues.
Chapter 9 01 January 2008 Rai meets technology.
Chapter 10 01 January 2008 Rai's first problem: Math!
Chapter 11 01 January 2008 Two mysterious guys appear.
Chapter 12 01 January 2008 Rai meets Ramen!
Chapter 13 01 January 2008 Yuna is attacked.
Chapter 14 01 January 2008 Shinwoo to the rescue.
Chapter 15 01 January 2008 The children escape from the Infected.
Chapter 16 08 January 2008 Rai is lost in the city.
Chapter 17 15 January 2008 The children escort Rai home.
Chapter 18 22 January 2008 Frankenstein is introduced to Rai's favorite meal: Ramen!
Chapter 19 29 January 2008 A murder in the vicinity and the suspect is none other than Yuna's attacker!
Chapter 20 05 February 2008 The lurking infected wants to kill Shinwoo!
Chapter 21 12 February 2008 Rai's first encounter with games at the Speed PC Room!
Chapter 22 19 February 2008 The children meet M-21 and M-24.
Chapter 23 26 February 2008 Rai tells Frankenstein about his death experience at the Speed PC Room where he was killed ruthlessly by the children!
Chapter 24 04 March 2008 Shinwoo receives a warning from the infected.
Chapter 25 11 March 2008 Shinwoo stays over at Ik-Han's home, while the guard at his apartment is murdered.
Chapter 26 18 March 2008 Yuna is kidnapped!
Chapter 27 25 March 2008 M-21 sets a trap for Shinwoo.
Chapter 28 01 April 2008 Shinwoo and Ik-Han come to Yuna's rescue.
Chapter 29 08 April 2008 Shinwoo is to fight the infected.
Chapter 30 15 April 2008 The fight continues while Rai and Frankenstein arrive.
Chapter 31 22 April 2008 M-21 and M-24 meet Rai and Frankenstein.
Chapter 32 29 April 2008 A two-on-two fight breaks out and Rai displays his fighting powers for the first time, giving birth to the epic word: KNEEL!
Chapter 33 06 May 2008 Rai halts the battle and they leave after giving M-21 and M-24 a warning.
Chapter 34 13 May 2008 Following the retreat, Rai and Frankenstein rescue the children.
Chapter 35 20 May 2008 Jake and Mary show up.
Chapter 36 27 May 2008 Rai has unexpected visitors!
Chapter 37 03 June 2008 M-21 bluffs Jake and Mary while Frankenstein is left to deal with the police who captured the children climbing fence of his house!
Chapter 38 10 June 2008 With the children in the house, Rai dies again and again!
Chapter 39 17 June 2008 Jake and Mary find the Infected and trigger a hospital massacre.
Chapter 40 24 June 2008 Ye Ran High School is closed for uncertain period of time.
Chapter 41 01 July 2008 Jake decides to find and kill the children.
Chapter 42 08 July 2008 Jake and Mary's true identities.
Chapter 43 15 July 2008 Instead of finding Shinwoo, Jake and Mary meet Frankenstein!
Chapter 44 22 July 2008 Frankenstein coaxes out what they know about his Master's casket, while a worried Rai faces his worse obstacle yet: opening the door!
Chapter 45 29 July 2008 Frankenstein fights Jake, while Rai fails to open the window!
Chapter 46 05 August 2008 Jake transforms.
Chapter 47 12 August 2008 Mary steps in and the two retreat temporarily.
Chapter 48 19 August 2008 Rai consoles Frankenstein on his surprising misfortune from the fight!
Chapter 49 26 August 2008 A conversation about the modified humans encountered so far.
Chapter 50 02 September 2008 Rai learns to open the door!
Chapter 51 09 September 2008 M-21 and M-24 deliberate on the ill-treatment they get from the Organization.
Chapter 52 16 September 2008 M-21 calls Frankenstein from Yuna's missing phone arranging a meeting.
Chapter 53 23 September 2008 Frankenstein goes to get the phone!
Chapter 54 30 September 2008 Dr. Crombel is informed about the strange, blond guy.
Chapter 55 07 October 2008 Crombel orders Mary to bring the 'sample' personally.
Chapter 56 14 October 2008 Mary seeks out connections to find the 'sample'.
Chapter 57 21 October 2008 Jake forces the scientists to imbue him with greater power.
Chapter 58 28 October 2008 Mary obliterates a gang in attempt to find Frankenstein who's watching overhead.
Chapter 59 04 November 2008 Frankenstein gifts M-21 and M-24 a safe-house key. Rai gets lost wandering in the city at night!
Chapter 60 11 November 2008 Jake and Mary find out that M-21 and M-24 know the children.
Chapter 61 18 November 2008 Dr. Crombel wants to meet his old experiments, M-21 and M-24.
Chapter 62 25 November 2008 While visiting Dr. Crombel, M-21 declines undergoing further experiments to hide their developing abilities.
Chapter 63 02 December 2008 Jake and Mary compel the M-duo to lure out the children.
Chapter 64 09 December 2008 An omen disturbs Rai's tea, the children have come to play with him!
Chapter 65 16 December 2008 The children leave a lasting impact on Rai!
Chapter 66 23 December 2008 The children are kidnapped by Jake and Mary.
Chapter 67 30 December 2008 M-21 tries to get the children to contact Rai.
Chapter 68 06 January 2009 After calling Rai, Shinwoo is left to fight the Infected.
Chapter 69 12 January 2009 Jake fights Shinwoo.
Chapter 70 19 January 2009 Mary takes M-21 outside to wait for the missing 'kid', while M-24 steps in to save the children from Jake.
Chapter 71 27 January 2009 The children flee with M-24 while his partner is left facing attacks from Mary.
Chapter 72 03 February 2009 Rai and Frankenstein finally arrive!
Chapter 73 10 February 2009 Split into teams, Frankenstein remains to hold off Mary, while M-21 guides Rai to the children.
Chapter 74 17 February 2009 Jake pursues his runaway captives.
Chapter 75 24 February 2009 Jake mortally wounds M-24 and is about to kill the children when Rai makes his entrance.
Chapter 76 03 March 2009 Rai releases the seal on Frankenstein's power and faces Jake himself!
Chapter 77 10 March 2009 Mary is killed by Frankenstein with his unleashed dark powers.
Chapter 78 17 March 2009 Rai obliterates Jake with his Blood Field! M-24's body disintegrates within the rubble.
Chapter 79 24 March 2009 Dr. Crombel arrives at the battle site and finds the Infected.
Chapter 80 31 March 2009 Rai and Frankenstein decide to go to the local Union branch with M-21 to meet Dr. Crombel.
Chapter 81 07 April 2009 Rai gets a banana!
Chapter 82 14 April 2009 Dr. Crombel experiments on the Infected.
Chapter 83 21 April 2009 Rai, Frankenstein and M-21 enter the base.
Chapter 84 28 April 2009 Lt. Simon carries out his orders by destroying the facility.
Chapter 85 05 May 2009 Dr. Crombel uses Lt. Simon to wake up the Infected and collects data from the resulting fight.
Chapter 86 12 May 2009 Rai, Frankenstein and M-21 find out about Dr. Crombel's betrayal and escape from a dying Lt. Simon, whereas Dr. Crombel himself decides to return upon seeing M-21 on his CCTV camera.
Chapter 87 19 May 2009 M-21 vs The Infected.
Chapter 88 26 May 2009 Frankenstein meets Dr. Crombel as the other fight continues.
Chapter 89 02 June 2009 The inner power of M-21 is awoken!
Chapter 90 09 June 2009 Dr. Crombel departs after realizing the Infected is dead. M-21 leaves the Union base with Rai and Frankenstein.
Chapter 91 16 June 2009 M-21 joins Frankenstein's household.
Chapter 92 23 June 2009 The children's memories are erased. Frankenstein promises both his Master and M-21 new phones. Ye Ran High School reopens and M-21 joins as a special security guard.

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