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This arc deals chronicles of Raizel and Frankenstein's return to Lukedonia after 820 years, along with the newly formed team - the RK. New characters are introduced and more information about the Nobles is revealed. A misunderstanding that has lasted hundreds of years is cleared, changing the bitter relationship that Raizel once had with Lukedonia.

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 155 19 October 2010 Ik-Han, Shinwoo, Regis and Raizel go on a blind date.
Chapter 156 26 October 2010 Shinwoo worries about his love life and gets advice from Seira.
Chapter 157 2 November 2010 Gejutel K. Landegre arrives in South Korea and reunites with Frankenstein and Raizel.
Chapter 158 9 November 2010 Gejutel updates Frankenstein and Raizel on what happened to the Nobles after they disappeared. He also learns about the background of the modified humans and uses it to test Regis.
Chapter 159 16 November 2010 Gejutel and Frankenstein talk about the latter's intention in opening a school.
Chapter 160 23 November 2010 Gejutel observes everyone's role in Frankenstein's household and eats Raizel's favorite ramen at dinner. After dinner, he takes his leave for Lukedonia, where the Lord is shown waiting for Gejutel's return.
Chapter 161 30 November 2010 Gejutel gives the Lord a false report. The Lord sends Rajak, another clan leader, to summon Seira without Gejutel's knowledge.
Chapter 162 7 December 2010 Rajak meets his younger brother on his way to start his assignment. The latter offers to take over the task and soon shows up at Ye Ran.
Chapter 163 14 December 2010 Rael reveals his presence at the school to make Seira come to him. However, M-21, Takeo and Tao also sense him and approach him first. Seira and Regis arrive soon after.
Chapter 164 21 December 2010 Rael asks Seira to consider coming back to Lukedonia with him and at the house, Regis explains who Rael is.
Chapter 165 28 December 2010 M-21 recovers from the wound Rael caused but feels down because it proves that Crombel's experiment is a success but Frankenstein clears his misconception. Takeo and Tao ask Frankenstein for stronger powers.
Chapter 166 4 January 2011 Frankenstein gives an explanation about the Nobles to Takeo and Tao.
Chapter 167 11 January 2011 Seira and Regis go out to meet Rael.
Chapter 168 18 January 2011 Frankenstein and Rael fight.
Chapter 169 25 January 2011 Rael reveals his Soul Weapon.
Chapter 170 1 February 2011 Frankenstein summons his Dark Spear.
Chapter 171 8 February 2011 Seira stops the fight and leaves for Lukedonia with Rael.
Chapter 172 15 February 2011 Raizel decides to meet the Lord of the Nobles.
Chapter 173 22 February 2011 Raizel and Frankenstein leave for Lukedonia. Meanwhile, Seira learns of Gejutel's false report to the Lord.
Chapter 174 1 March 2011 At the Clan Leaders' meeting, the Lord accuses Gejutel and Seira of treachery. Meanwhile, the RK hide in Frankenstein's private plane to Lukedonia.
Chapter 175 8 March 2011 M-21, Takeo and Tao find themselves inside a hospital facility. Meanwhile, Frankenstein, Raizel and Regis walk through a forest into the Forbidden Region of Lukedonia.
Chapter 176 15 March 2011 A huge mansion appears in the Forbidden Region.
Chapter 177 22 March 2011 Raizel remembers The Previous Lord as he returns to his mansion. Meanwhile, Gejutel hears about the recent incidents while he is locked up.
Chapter 178 29 March 2011 The RK battles the Central Order of Lukedonia.
Chapter 179 5 April 2011 Raizel and Frankenstein find The Previous Lord's Soul Weapon inside Raizel's temple.
Chapter 180 12 April 2011 Raizel meets The Previous Lord's imprint. Meanwhile, the Lord sentences Gejutel to forced eternal sleep.
Chapter 181 19 April 2011 Seira learns about Gejutel's punishment and escapes from confinement. Meanwhile, Frankenstein also reports to his Master about Gejutel and Seira being in trouble. Raizel decides to visit The Previous Lord's shrine.
Chapter 182 26 April 2011 In the castle, Seira hurries to find Gejutel but Rozaria blocks her way. Meanwhile, in the Forbidden Region, the RK-4 moves to help Regis reach Gejutel.
Chapter 183 3 May 2011 Rael finds Regis and tells him about Gejutel's punishment. M-21, Takeo and Tao divert Rael's attention to them by fighting him to let Regis hurry and see Gejutel.
Chapter 184 10 May 2011 The Lord figures out who Gejutel is covering up for. She orders Rozaria to bring Seira immediately. She sends two Clan Leaders to capture Raizel.
Chapter 185 17 May 2011 Karias impedes Regis’ way to Gejutel. Meanwhile, the trio gain the upper hand in the fight against Rael by working together. However, with M-21's provocation, Rael becomes enraged and summons his Soul Weapon.
Chapter 186 24 May 2011 Regis’ last attempt compels Karias to help him. Meanwhile, M-21 proves to be no match against Rael using his Soul Weapon. Takeo and Tao take D and rush in to save M-21.
Chapter 187 31 May 2011 Rael ultimately defeats the trio. However, before he can finish them off, Rajak arrives. Consequently, Raizel and Frankenstein also appear.
Chapter 188 7 June 2011 Rozaria stops the fight and asks Seira to come with her. Meanwhile, as Raizel leaves the scene after releasing the seal on Frankenstein's power, Frankenstein and Rajak start their battle.
Chapter 189 14 June 2011 The battle between Frankenstein and Rajak continues.
Chapter 190 21 June 2011 In the face of forced eternal sleep, Gejutel speak freely in front of the Lord and the Clan Leaders.
Chapter 191 28 June 2011 Gejutel forces the Lord to hurry with his sentence. However, Raizel arrives at The Previous Lord's shrine.
Chapter 192 5 July 2011 Gejutel reveals Raizel's true identity.
Chapter 193 12 July 2011 The Clan Leaders draw their Soul Weapons to fight Raizel. However, the Lord declares she'll fight him personally. Raizel releases the seal binding his powers.
Chapter 194 19 July 2011 Raizel ends the showdown and gives the Lord, the half of Ragnarok that The Previous Lord left at his mansion and tells her to remember her position.
Chapter 195 26 July 2011 Frankenstein explains their side to the Lord.
Chapter 196 2 August 2011 The Previous Lord's imprint appears once again with an explanation about willing half of the Ragnarok to Raizel.
Chapter 197 9 August 2011 Raskreia leaves the Ragnarok in her father's shrine and the Lord's imprint appears one last time. Gejutel asks the RK-5 to return to Raizel's mansion.
Chapter 198 16 August 2011 Tao's packed ramen becomes the dinner menu. Meanwhile, the Union's 8th fleet charges into Lukedonia.
Chapter 199 23 August 2011 Ludis fights the invaders but a few survivors enters the Forbidden Region of Lukedonia. Ludis reports this to the Lord.
Chapter 200 30 August 2011 Raizel introduces the Lord to ramen and leaves ramen with her as a parting gift.

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