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The Raizel Knights meet KSA agents Na Yonsu and An Sangeen as the elite guards of Union's 12th Elder, Cerberus arrive in South Korea with Yuri for investigation. Teaming up with Yonsu and Sangeen, the Raizel Knights fight to save their peaceful lives from Cerberus and later the 12th Elder himself! Raizel and Frankenstein step in only to trace out a traitor clan-leader directly involved and hiding within the Union!

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 201 13 September 2011 A busy day in Suyi's photoshoot and the sudden visit by the children, Raizel, Regis and Seira.
Chapter 202 20 September 2011 The Nobles and Union having discussed over the invasion issue, the situation in Lukedonia pacifies. Only Rael is missing from Lukedonia. On the other hand, the human world is in alert and confusion because of the crater and explosions. Two agents appear to investigate the incident further.
Chapter 203 27 September 2011 The trio discuss their recent battle with Rael and their recent development of physical and combative conditions while Raizel fixates himself with an intense study session. Elsewhere, the female agent is determined to look up for clues regarding the incident even though her superiors ordered otherwise.
Chapter 204 4 October 2011 One of the children's regular visits inspire Seira to practise 'forehead flicking'! The two agents are revealed as modified humans of KSA: Na Yonsu and An Sangeen, whose modifications are kept hidden from the Union. They are assigned to test out the candidates for new recruit: Shinwoo and Ikhan.
Chapter 205 11 October 2011 Yonsu and Sangeen visit Ye Ran and meet the Principal after confronting the security trio. At home, Frankenstein warns everyone to act with caution around the new modified humans and the trio are assigned to keep a lookout on them.
Chapter 206 18 October 2011 Yonsu and Sangeen join as teachers in Ye Ran High School. As they secretly observe the daily activities of the candidates, the security trio also keep them under surveillance.
Chapter 207 25 October 2011 The agents carry on their mission with impatience while Tao has dug up important information. Frankenstein accompanies Raizel in his night excursion.
Chapter 208 1 November 2011 Tao shares the info on KSA and their objective with the household. Yonsu and Sangeen set up a trap to test Shinwoo's potentials.
Chapter 209 8 November 2011 Shinwoo's true colors are revealed in a fight. But the agents are caught red-handed by the security trio.
Chapter 210 15 November 2011 Frankenstein refuses co-operating the agents and dismisses them as teachers. Yonsu and Sangeen receive order from their Director to guide some elite Union team who will be arriving  Korea shortly.
Chapter 211 22 November 2011 Cerberus arrives in South Korea accompanied by Yuri.
Chapter 212 29 November 2011 A meeting of the Elders is called while Cerberus investigates.
Chapter 213 6 December 2011 The result of M-21's 'nasty temper' - a short clash with Na Yonsu.
Chapter 214 13 December 2011 Rai saves M-21 from a reproachful Frankenstein, recounting the latter's own arrogant ways in the past.
Chapter 215 20 December 2011 Rai meets his knights!
Chapter 216 27 December 2011 Masked intruders in the school!
Chapter 217 3 January 2012 The battles between guard trio and the KSA agents cease.
Chapter 218 10 January 2012 A co-operative deal is sealed between the RK and KSA. However, the news of the damage to the school hits hard on a certain blond fellow!
Chapter 219 17 January 2012 Ked wreaks havoc in the KSA base.
Chapter 220 24 January 2012 A cup of tea slips from Rai's trembling hand. And Rai reveals the shocking truth of his life.
Chapter 221 31 January 2012 The news of Cerberus' presence reaches the household while Sangeen puts up an act to meet the RK.
Chapter 222 7 February 2012 RK-4 is off to rescue their ally - Sangeen from Cerberus.
Chapter 223 14 February 2012 Cerberus catches up with Sangeen and RK arrives right on time to save him.
Chapter 224 21 February 2012 Ked transforms to fight the RK.
Chapter 225 28 February 2012 Tao is found out by Lutai and starts fighting his own battle.
Chapter 226 6 March 2012 Regis arrives to fight by M-21's side.
Chapter 227 13 March 2012 Yuri takes down Yuizi with a sudden attack from behind.
Chapter 228 20 March 2012 Tao and Takeo bring down Lutai while M-21 finally defeats Ked, spending his last attack. Rai and Frankenstein are on their way to the battle zone.
Chapter 229 27 March 2012 The 12th Elder and Taze arrive at the climax of battle between the RK and Cerberus.
Chapter 230 3 April 2012 Taze is about to kill Regis when Raizel, Frankenstein and Seira arrive.
Chapter 231 10 April 2012 Death Scythe vs. Death Scythe!
Chapter 232 17 April 2012 Frankenstein fights the transformed 12th Elder, who is revealed to be the contractee of Roctis Kravei, a traitor clan leader.
Chapter 233 24 April 2012 A clash of the Dark Spear and the 12th Elder. To win against Frankenstein, the Elder takes a most unlikely hostage - Raizel!
Chapter 234 1 May 2012 Raizel annihilates the 12th Elder.
Chapter 235 8 May 2012 Aftermath of battles: Roctis senses the death of the Elder, Raizel's health deteriorates, Frankenstein reveals Roctis was one of those who attempted to murder Raizel and Raizel announces that they can no longer have the peaceful lives in Korea!
Chapter 236 15 May 2012 Yuri reports everything he knows to Dr. Crombel. Meanwhile, Frankenstein explains the truth about the Noblesse to the rest of the household..
Chapter 237 22 May 2012 Seira joins the RK. Frankenstein is also automatically inducted by Tao.
Chapter 238 29 May 2012 Lukedonia receives notice about Roctis Kravei's involvement with the Union. Frankenstein presents to Raizel a ring to amplify the seal on the latter's power.

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