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Start of the wicked plot - treacherous Noble Clan Leaders scheme to uproot the obstacle in their upcoming plan of betrayal: Frankenstein. Their attempt backfires, resulting in the formation of a Blood contract between the human and the Noblesse. At present, a disturbance caused by Ignes Kravei leads to a series of vital revelations: Frankenstein's identity, the origin of the Dark Spear... After executing Roctis Kravei, Raizel's deteriorating health is significantly worsened by an inevitable reunion and confrontation with his one and only friend, Muzaka. After a chaotic battle, Raizel can only wait for death whilst the relentless Union sends more Elders to Korea. The household is saved by new Noble forces and so is Raizel...

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 287 15 July 2013 A flashback from hundred years ago - Frankenstein met the Noble Lord (Raskreia's father) for the first time after taking residence in the Noblesse's mansion.
Chapter 288 22 July 2013 The Lord narrated the story of the lonely Noblesse to Frankenstein in private and suggested him to form a contract with Raizel.
Chapter 289 29 July 2013 Frankenstein had a change of heart regarding his power-hungry nature and was approached by Roctis, Zarga and Urokai on his way back to the mansion. Raizel revealed that he had actually forgotten to take Frankenstein to the Lord!
Chapter 290 05 August 2013 A scheme is set to action as Urokai seizes the opportunity to duel with Frankenstein.
Chapter 291 12 August 2013 Frankenstein vs Urokai battle is underway while the other clan leaders form the spectator gallery. Frankenstein summons his demented lover - Dark Spear!
Chapter 292 19 August 2013 Frankenstein takes out an eye of Urokai. The battle is about to be called off when Urokai uses his trump card: shows the pendant to Frankenstein.
Chapter 293 26 August 2013 A flashback of Frankenstein and his young assistant Tesamu (the owner of the pendant) drives Frankenstein completely berserk, resuming the fight with Urokai. The Lord and Raizel step in the battle themselves to stop the fighters.
Chapter 294 02 September 2013 The Lord orders Urokai to stay out of the matter and orders the three treacherous clan leaders to contain Frankenstein whilst he thinks of a solution. Raizel steps up to the task and manages to return Frankenstein to his normal state by awakening him - the first chapter in the series where Raizel gets wounded!
Chapter 295 09 September 2013 Frankenstein realises that there is something wrong with Raizel's health and goes to ask the Lord about it. The Lord orders everyone to leave the throne room so that he can speak to Frankenstein. After learning everything, Frankenstein vows to guard Raizel by forming a blood contract with him.
Chapter 296 16 September 2013 Rajak joins the pink apron team!
Chapter 297 23 September 2013 Dr. Crombel's surprise visit to meet Ignes.
Chapter 298 30 September 2013 Rael seeks advice on love from Raizel! Meanwhile, Ignes Kravei arrives in the city.
Chapter 299 14 October 2013 Battle breaks out between Seira and Ignes.
Chapter 300 22 October 2013 A fierce battle takes place between Seira and the Anti-Clan Leader Weapons which Seira fails to defeat. As it nears the end, Rael enters the scene to start a new battle.
Chapter 301 28 October 2013 Ignes attempts convincing Rael to join her but the offer is turned down. Rather Rael brings out Grandia to help Seira. Finally, Ignes herself joins the fight for serious.
Chapter 302 04 November 2013 Ignes kidnaps the unconscious Seira; Rael and Regis set on their pursuit. Raizel, Frankenstein and Rajak decide to rescue the noble children. Karias who has arrived to save the day is given an even better task!
Chapter 303 11 November 2013 Ignes sends the 9th Elder to procure his own noble specimens who have followed her to the island. Elsewhere, Karias manages to save the trio, this time, stepping in right on time!
Chapter 304 18 November 2013 Rael and Regis are captured while Raizel, Frankenstein and Rajak arrive in Roctis' Island.
Chapter 305 26 November 2013 The rescue team scatters to search the island. The 9th Elder is delighted to find 'another specimen' to experiment on - Frankenstein!
Chapter 306 02 December 2013 Rajak and Kentas ensues their battle while the 9th Elder claims to be the greatest scientist on the planet in front of Frankenstein!
Chapter 307 09 December 2013 5th Elder's appearance gives away Frankenstein's identity to the 9th Elder. Raizel finally finds the noble children and confronts Ignes, pronouncing her punishment.
Chapter 308 17 December 2013 Roctis arrives to rescue Ignes.
Chapter 309 23 December 2013 The 9th Elder is consumed by Dark Spear while Roctis faces Raizel in a duel. Roctis uses physical transformation against Raizel.
Chapter 310 30 December 2013 Raizel sentences Roctis to forced eternal sleep.
Chapter 311 06 January 2014 Muzaka is awakened.
Chapter 312 13 January 2014 A flashback of the two best friends. At present, the continuation of the battle from 820 years back, resumes.
Chapter 313 20 January 2014 The battle between Raizel and Muzaka comes to a conclusion. Rai emerges victorious, although completely battle-worn.
Chapter 314 27 January 2014 A rescue team of Tao and Takeo arrives to take the nobles and Frankenstein back home from Roctis' island while Karias joins the special security to look after the school.
Chapter 315 03 February 2014 Raizel is visited by those who taught him what life truly is - the children.
Chapter 316 10 February 2014 Raizel visits the school at night and reveals to Frankenstein the reason for his battle with Muzaka.
Chapter 317 17 February 2014 Karias senses intruders.
Chapter 318 24 February 2014 Raizel wishes to see Muzaka before his time runs out. Karias confronts the 3rd and 5th Elders while Kentas confronts the trio.
Chapter 319 28 April 2014 Karias is having a hard time fighting the two elders while the trio fails to run away from Kentas.
Chapter 320 05 May 2014 The Lord arrives.
Chapter 321 12 May 2014 The two elders flee from Raskreia after an unsuccessful assault on her.
Chapter 322 19 May 2014 M-21 transforms to save his comrades from Kentas.
Chapter 323 26 May 2014 Gejutel comes to the trio's rescue.
Chapter 324 02 June 2014 Kentas retreats and the surprise visitors arrive in the residence where Raskreia confronts Raizel with Ragnarok.
Chapter 325 09 June 2014 Raizel is revived!
Chapter 326 16 June 2014 The Previous Lord appears again; his imprint is actually revealed to be part of his soul.
Chapter 327 23 June 2014 Crombel comes face-to-face with Muzaka and offers him to join his side while Raizel returns to school life.

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