Season 07

An insight into the history of the werewolves reveals the problems and misery their Lord Muzaka had to endure during his tenure as the Lord. He struggles to control his pack, bloodthirsty and wild, but he finds some consolation after meeting a similar character to him, the one who shares the feeling of loneliness: Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. The duo develop friendships whilst a plot of betrayal is coming to fruition... Back to the present, Raskreia experiences the normal life that Rai has been living during their rare period of peace... Elsewhere, Maduke desperately orders his pack to find Muzaka in vain, but the former Werewolf Lord is already taken by another Elder..

Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 328 07 July 2014 The previous Lord hears that the Nobles conflicted with the Werewolves. He decides to call Raizel, who has a visitor in the wondering Werewolf Lord, Muzaka. The two meet for the first time and Muzaka leaves just before Raskreia comes to fetch Raizel. 
Chapter 329 14 July 2014 Muzaka discusses with his pack members about the recent conflict with the Nobles and after hearing their side of the story, he decides to go to the Noble Lord as the Werewolves' representative to discuss about the incident with the Nobles.
Chapter 330 21 July 2014 Muzaka learns the truth about the scale of involvement the Werewolves have in human world.
Chapter 331 28 July 2014 Muzaka argues violently with the rest of his pack members and is deceived by Maduke's lies but leaves the base to visit Raizel in search for some peace. There, he tells him about his adventures in the outer world which actually interest Raizel.
Chapter 332 04 August 2014 The previous Lord sends Raskreia to Raizel's mansion in a bid to make Muzaka leave so that he can sort out the troubles amongst the Werewolves. Muzaka returns home and announces that he isn't willing to negotiate with them, introducing a new law in order to protect the weak humans, and invites any of them to challenge him if they are unhappy. But after learning of the cause of Raizel's loneliness, he returns to his friend.
Chapter 333 11 August 2014 Back in present time, Gejutel offers to make tea for Raskreia but fails to find the tea machine. Furious, he destroys the entire kitchen but soon realises the grave mistake he has made. Seeing Rael, he orders him to immediately clean up the place so that it's owner, Frankenstein, may not become a madman and evacuates the scene with Raskreia to Ye Ran. The guard trio hear about this and rush to the house whilst Frankenstein feels nervous...
Chapter 334 18 August 2014 The members of the household manage to restore the kitchen back to normality after hard work from the utility man Tao. All of them start to talk about the wild nature of the house owner, Frankenstein, but all of them are taken back when the man calls Tao. Tao manages to distract his boss and Frankenstein's day only gets worse after realizing that Gejutel has come to the school with Raskreia...
Chapter 335 25 August 2014 Tao holds a meeting with Rael and Karias in a bid to recruit the duo for the RK team. Elsewhere, the children get to know Raskreia slightly and Gejutel is summoned to Frankenstein's office...
Chapter 336 08 September 2014 Frankenstein realizes that Gejutel also wanted Raskreia to experience a normal life like Rai and allows him to visit the school at any time, with an advanced notice. Elsewhere, the children go to the local PC room, where Raskreia discovers her amazing talent in gaming... which saves Rai's blushes. After they bid farewell to the children, Raskreia tells Raizel to stay at the school and to not interfere with Nobles' business anymore and returns to Lukedonia with Gejutel.
Chapter 337 15 September 2014 Frankenstein heals the trio fully but isn't willing to be more adventerous with the enhancement experiments. However, Tao and Takeo insist on being trialed on, in order to protect their loved ones, even if that may lead to great pain and death. Frankenstein reluctantly agrees to share the Dark Spear's powers with them and tells them to get prepared. He reports the situation to Raizel, who understands the duo's feelings and cannot blame Frankenstein for granting their wishes.
Chapter 338 22 September 2014 The 2nd Elder gets the report that the Lord of the Nobles visited the country where other Nobles are. Meanwhile, Tao prepares for Frankenstein experiment when the sensors he set up go off. At the same time, Raizel senses the presence of the visitor, revealed to be Muzaka. However, contrary to his previous appearance, he explains that he is in his right state of mind. Muzaka and Raizel sit down on a bench and talk about the past events. Muzaka feels satisfied about meeting his friend and thanks Dr. Crombel. He then tells him to continue the experiments before he loses his consciousness.
Chapter 339 29 September 2014 M-21 has a sparring session with Karias to achieve control over his awakened form while Frankenstein injects power of his Dark Spear into Tao and Takeo. Muzaka is firmly resolved to erase the existence of humans; only indecisive of the method he would undertake to execute his mission. Elsewhere, two new werewolves, Grui and Gaitan are introduced, who have come to answer their Lord Maduke's summoning.
Chapter 340 06 October 2014 Grui and Gaitan exchange a heated exchange of words with Kentas and Lunark. They decide to meet in South Korea after reluctantly taking orders from Lunark. Elsewhere, Frankenstein and Regis observe Tao and Takeo, who suffer from the powers of the Dark Spear injected into them.
Chapter 341 13 October 2014 After an enduring week of training, M-21 decides to give it a final shot in front of his friends, who have come to watch him. Tao, Takeo and Regis witness M-21 who finally transforms to his complete Werewolf state, entering a life-threatening gamble with Karias.
Chapter 342 20 October 2014 M-21 loses his consciousness to attack Tao and Regis but Karias manages to stop him easily but tells the trio to go away. Regis thinks back to his conversation with Gejutel about ways to get stronger but only becomes more frustrated. Elsewhere, the children speculate about the cause for Raizel's depression.
Chapter 343 27 October 2014 Grui and Gaitan kills off the patrolling Union agents whilst the Elders hold a meeting about the 2nd Elder. Crombel informs Muzaka about his pack hunting for him whilst Shinwoo and Ikhan invite Raizel, Regis and Rael to a meeting for the lonely...
Chapter 344 03 November 2014 Grui, Gaitan and Kentas and Lunark cannot stop arguing as the four Werewolves meet again, this time in Korea. They decide to split until Muzaka appears. Elsewhere, Regis trains to such an extent that he faints and Rael promises to train him in the absence of his brother. Crombel is satisfied with the turnout of events as he finishes setting up a battle between the Werewolves and Muzaka...
Chapter 345 10 November 2014 Frankenstein oversees the development the trio are undergoing and is very impressed until he hears that there may be more trouble back home. Rael and Regis escort the children back home whilst Grui and Gaitan track down Muzaka, having found his trace.
Chapter 346 17 November 2014 Yuri admits to Muzaka that Crombel has created fake traces to lead the Werewolves hunting him down elsewhere. Surprisingly, Muzaka doesn't mind the fact that he is being used and tells Yuri to leave for a bit as he needs to speak to his friend Raizel. Muazaka warns Raizel to stay out of the upcoming troubles as he needs to kill some of his pack members. Elsewhere, Tao calls Rael to warn him that they have detected sereral unusual movements around the area. Grui activates an EMP bomb in the area and Rael's connection with Tao cuts - Rael suspects that it's an enemy attack and tells Regis to flee with the children immediately.
Chapter 347 24 November 2014 Rael lures in the troublemaking werewolves while Regis escorts the children to their homes. Meanwhile, the trio have arrived and are ready to fight the enemy.
Chapter 348 01 December 2014 Rael fights Grui but even the use of his soul weapon proves to have no advantage over the transformed werewolf. Just when about to be finished, Rael is saved by Regis' interference.
Chapter 349 15 December 2014 Frankenstein contacts Raizel to inform him of the situation that Rael and Regis has got into. Rael and Regis barely manage to hold off against Grui. When Regis is brought down and has to witness Rael getting badly beaten up, his sheer noble will to save his comrade calls the Landegre clan's soul weapon to him. Regis emerges powered up and ready to fight after earning the soul weapon.
Chapter 350 22 December 2014 Lunark and Kentas set off to join Gaitan and Grui. The latter is currently losing the battle against Rael and Regis; however, before Grui gets totally overpowered by the two young nobles, Gaitan decides to join the battle. Almost on cue, Takeo, Tao and M-21 arrive to join the fight.
Chapter 351 29 December 2014 Frankenstein, Seira and Karias have landed in the city. Meanwhile, Takeo, Tao and M-21 use their improved strength and teamwork to fight against Gaitan.
Chapter 352 04 May 2015 Despite the enhanced power of the trio, Gaitan retains dominance throughout the fight against them. Tao and Takeo decide to cross their dark power usage limit in order to defeat Gaitan.
Chapter 353 11 May 2015 The trio are still unable to defeat Gaitan while Grui makes a sudden attack on Rael and Regis from behind.
Chapter 354 18 May 2015 The young nobles are defeated by Grui as M-21 suffers the same in the hands of Gaitan. Tao and Takeo are being devoured by their own dark power. Raizel enters the battle scene just at the nick of time to save Rael from Grui's fatal blow.
Chapter 355 25 May 2015 An emergency Union meeting is called and conflict arises amidst the Elders. Elsewhere, Raizel suppresses Tao and Takeo's dark power, ignoring Grui's provocation to fight. Grui charges at him and Raizel finally takes stance against the modified werewolf but is interrupted by Muzaka's surprise arrival.
Chapter 356 01 June 2015 Muzaka stops Raizel from interfering with his 'family' issues. He faces the modified werewolves and learns that Maduke has sent them to kill him. Grui and Gaitan attack Muzaka but fall easy victim to the aimed prey. Grui is slashed into halves by the incensed and transformed Muzaka.
Chapter 357 08 June 2015 Gaitan challenges Muzaka, bragging of his enhanced modifications but is unable to prove himself to Muzaka and ends up getting killed.
Chapter 358 15 June 2015 Lunark and Kentas arrive at the battlefield and come face-to-face with Muzaka. Frankenstein, Karias and Seira arrive afterwards and Frankenstein declares his wrath only to find that he is too late for the battle.
Chapter 359 22 June 2015 Muzaka protects Lunark and Kentas from Frankenstein. Raizel prevents Frankenstein from starting to fight with Muzaka, to save the wounded from any further harm. Before leaving, Muzaka acknowledges that Raizel is not alone anymore.
Chapter 360 29 June 2015 Lunark and Kentas work out between themselves what to report to their Lord while the wounded get treated in Frankenstein's lab.
Chapter 361 06 July 2015 In audience of clan leaders, Gejutel convinces the Lord to appoint Regis as the new Landegre clan leader. Meanwhile, Maduke is raged at Lunark and Kentas for failing while Lagus Tradio and two other nobles pay him a sudden visit.
Chapter 362 13 July 2015 Lagus and the two traitor clan leaders decide to invade Lukedonia since most clan leaders are away from there. In Frankenstein's place, the trio and Regis regain consciousness.
Chapter 363 20 July 2015 Rajak takes his leave from Lukedonia and sets off for Frankenstein's place with Gejutel's message that Regis is the new clan leader from now onwards. Raizel reveals the past to Frankenstein - Ashleen, the daughter of Muzaka and a human, was killed by a human and Muzaka went on rampage to annihilate human race. So, Raizel had to face off his best friend rather than be on his side during his grief.
Chapter 364 27 July 2015 Muzaka returns to Crombel's laboratory while Rael starts to train with Karias. Raizel and Seira return to Ye Ran High School and face the worried children. Meanwhile, Rajak comes across three of the traitor clan leaders upon his journey to return to the human world.
Chapter 365 03 August 2015 Crombel informs Muzaka of the planned attack on Lukedonia. Meanwhile, in addition to the three traitor clan leaders, three werewolves arrive to face Rajak. The enemies decide to send Kuharu, the fastest of the werewolves, to fight Rajak.
Chapter 366 10 August 2015 Rajak keeps up with Kuharu's speed attacks but a moment's distraction causes him to gain injuries. Kuharu yells at him and Rajak decides to focus on eliminating the enemy before .
Chapter 367 17 August 2015 Rajak gains the upper hand as he increases his pace, to the ire of his opponent. He then hides himself completely that one of the traitor nobles even comments that his skill surpasses his father's.
Chapter 368 24 August 2015 While continuing his attacks on Kuharu, Rajak recalls how he surpassed his incomplete awakening. However, Lagus summons his own soul weapon to aid Rajak's opponent.
Chapter 369 31 August 2015 With Dolor's skills utilized, the Rajak suddenly finds his body getting heavier. Another werewolf joins tha battle and Rajak is thrown into a dire situation.
Chapter 370 07 September 2015 The three young clan leaders decide to take responsibility and overcome the reality that they are being looked down by others; they also decide to try "tea time" with the other clan leaders. Meanwhile, Rajak continues to fight against multiple opponents.
Chapter 371 14 September 2015 Even with an arm missing, Rajak continues to fight his opponents. He manages to take down Kuharu but receives a fatal blow from Gradeus.
Chapter 372 21 September 2015 Rajak Kertia enters eternal sleep.
Chapter 373 28 September 2015 Karias discovers that Rael's body has awakened and realizes what this means for Rajak. He informs the rest of their comrades about this as Rael thinks about his brother.
Chapter 374 06 October 2015 As the news of Rajak's death sinks in to the residents of Frankenstein's house, Lagus and company have entered Lukedonia.
Chapter 375 13 October 2015 Edian visits Raizel's mansion to reminisce the past. Lagus returns home and meets up with his daughter, Claudia, while Gradeus continues his onslaught of Central Order.
Chapter 376 20 October 2015 Ludis confronts Gradeus while Rai and Frankenstein have to take care of the 8th fleet on their way to Lukedonia.
Chapter 377 27 October 2015 Ludis continues to battle Gradeus who reveals that he put Rajak to eternal sleep. The revelation prompts Ludis to create a forcefield with his shield, effectively trapping Gradeus inside and placing him under arrest. Meanwhile, the werewolves step into Kei's territory.
Chapter 378 03 November 2015 Gradeus reveals his soul weapon's true form. The werewolves challenge Kei Ru.
Chapter 379 10 November 2015 Kaiyo pulls Mount back and Drakon duels against Kei Ru. Meanwhile, Gejutel receives a visit from an old friend.
Chapter 380 17 November 2015 Lagus inquires about Gejutel's condition, asking about handing his soul weapon to his grandson. Meanwhile, Gradeus breaks out from Ludis' forcefield and continues getting stronger from Ludis' attacks. Ludis' subordinate finally gets the news to the Lord's throne room.
Chapter 381 24 November 2015 The Lord orders Rozaria to go and help Ludis. Lagus captures Gejutel, intending to show the old Landegre how he intends to pull off his plans. Meanwhile, Kei overpowers Drakon.
Chapter 382 01 December 2015 Rai and Frankenstein come across a place filled with Rajak's aura. Raizel confirms to Frankenstein that Rajak has met his end there. Meanwhile, Drakon reveals his enhanced regenerative abilities which Kei sees this as a weakness because the warrior has taken into depending on it. The werewolves decide work together to battle the clan leader.
Chapter 383 08 December 2015 The werewolves overpower Kei. Ludis uses his final attack, planning to bring Gradeus with him to eternal sleep. However, Lagus appears and stops Ludis' plan.
Chapter 384 15 December 2015 Rozaria arrives in time to save Ludis and takes over the battle against Gradeus.
Chapter 385 22 December 2015 Rai and Frankenstein finally arrive in Lukedonia. On the other hand, Edian appears to help the other traitors trap Rozaria and Ludis.
Chapter 386 29 December 2015 Ludis regains consciousness and Rozaria use her ultimate skill against the traitors. Meanwhile, Kei faces three werewolves alone before the Lord arrives to join the battle.
Chapter 387 05 January 2016 Raskreia battles the werewolves and pushes them to escape. Meanwhile, Rozaria's skill proves deadly as Gradeus is shown with a major portion of his body (three of his limbs missing) destroyed in the attack. However, Lagus uses his enhances regenerative skill to patch the berserker back together.
Chapter 388 12 January 2016 The werewolves reunite with the traitors, the Lord following behind them. Soon after, battle ensues, the Lord holding everyone off. Meanwhile, Raizel and Frankenstein arrive in Lukedonia's forbidden region to find the mansion destroyed.
Chapter 389 19 January 2016 Raizel goes in the wrecked mansion and into a chamber where he reminisces about an item with immense power that he has to keep sealed. Meanwhile, Raskreia is placed at a disadvantage as she battles the invaders while protecting the weakened clan leaders.
Chapter 390 26 January 2016 Just as things are looking bleak of the Noble Lord, Frankenstein arrives at the scene.
Chapter 391 02 February 2016 Frankenstein engages Gradeus in a battle while mocking the opponents.
Chapter 392 09 February 2016 Gradeus and Frankenstein continue battling each other, the latter slowly gaining the upper hand which pushes Lagus to decide to join the fight. On that moment, the Noblesse arrives.
Chapter 393 16 February 2016 The invaders are taken by surprise by Raizel's arrival. The Noblesse fights them off and easily suppresses the werewolves.
Chapter 394 23 February 2016 Raizel overpowers the werewolves so Lagus is forced to bring out the Blood Stone.
Chapter 395 01 March 2016 Raizel continues to use his life force to fight, worrying both The Lord and Frankenstein. Lagus fuses with the Blood Stone to power up.
Chapter 396 08 March 2016 The history of the Blood Stone is revealed in Raizel's flashback. At present, the Blood Stone brings trouble once more.
Chapter 397 15 March 2016 Raizel continues to battle Lagus and the Lord steps into battle once more.
Chapter 398 22 March 2016 Claudia destroys the site and prevents the death of her entire clan. Lagus switches target to draw out more life force and aims at the werewolves.
Chapter 399 29 March 2016 Frankenstein combines his Dark power with the power of his contract with Noblesse to finally put an end to Gradeus. Lagus absorbs the life force of the werewolves and targets Raizel. Edian sacrifices herself to shield the man she loves.
Chapter 400 05 April 2016 Edian's tragic past is revealed. An enraged Raizel forces Lagus into Eternal Sleep. Edian passes her last moments in Raizel's arms and peacefully enters Eternal Sleep.
Chapter 401 12 April 2016 Conflict breaks amongst the Union Elders and Maduke. Crombel enjoys as a spectator with Muzaka. Dr. Aris reappears. In Lukedonia, the Lord forgives Claudia. Raizel recalls his happy time with the traitor nobles before the conspiracy.
Chapter 402 19 April 2016 Frankenstein breaks the news of Rajak's death to Rael. The new Kertia Clan leader upholds his brother's valiance to the youngsters of the household. Raizel, alone in a room, suffers from the depletion of his life force.
Chapter 403 26 April 2016 Union Elders realize Lukedonia is their only hope against the 2nd Elder. Ignes Kravei joins Maduke. Frankenstein's household return to their regular posts while Rael makes his official debut as a Ye Ran Special Security member. Raizel tries to enjoy his remaining time by returning to the normal life.

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