Warriors are the strongest members of the Werewolf race. Throughout the ages, they were compared to Clan Leaders in terms of power. 

During Maduke's reign, several werewolves earned the title because they gained new powers through the physical modification technology. The ones who qualified as warriors even otherwise, are significantly stronger than the rest. 

Warriors have a high-standing in the clan and are supposed to lead and protect their race under the leadership of their Lord. However, apart from Lunark and Kentas, the present generation of warriors were complicit in sacrificing their weaker brethren as test subjects for the physical enhancement experiments. In Season 8, Kentas and Lunark dissent against the practice and are declared traitors. They seek Muzaka's aid to revolt against Maduke and his followers.

In chapter 432, it is revealed that half of the current warriors received the title after they underwent physical enhancement, the other half who were warriors to start with even before enhancing themselves with the physical modification. The two sides seem to differ vastly in terms of utilizing their respective potentials and combat experiences. Frankenstein himself remarks that the difference between a modified true warrior and a modified warrior is on a completely different level.

True Warriors

Unlike their peers, True Warriors qualified as warriors before undergoing physical enhancement. They possess superior skills, regeneration ability and overall power. Apart from Lunark and Kentas, all the true warriors of the present generation have undergone physical modification.

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