The Werewolf territory is where the werewolves reside.

Throne Room

Werewolf den

View towards the entry.

Werewolf throne

The werewolf throne.

Like Nobles, the Werewolves also had their base where the pack communed with their Lord.

The werewolves' throne area during Muzaka's reign is an open-air space, set amidst mountainous range, surrounded by forests. The throne room is formed with a ring of rough stone monoliths shaped like claws, the two largest ones forming the entrance from forest and the termination marked with a seat of stone forming the throne of the Werewolf Lord.

At present time, before it was destroyed, Maduke's Castle held the Werewolf Lord's throne. It is set in a hilly surrounding. Its periphery is heavily fortified.

Werewolf Laboratories

Under Maduke's reign, the werewolves used secret laboratories in their territory for physical modification. The weak and traitors of the clan, as declared by Maduke, were sent to the lab to serve as experiment specimen while the current warriors may have the option to enhance their power there. Garda had been held captive within one lab and used as specimen to experiment on for ages. Both Kentas and Lunark discover her body which subsequently leads to them turning against Maduke.

In Season 8, Kentas and M-21 destroy the labs before escaping.

After giving his life force to Rai, Garda brings Muzaka's almost lifeless body to the werewolf laboratory.

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