Yuizi  (Kor. 유이지) was a modified human who served the Union as a member of Cerberus, the personal guard and strongest military force of the 12th Elder.


She has short red hair which is stroked towards left. Her eyes are apple-green in color and she has a fair complexion.


Yuizi seems very quiet, as compared to the other members of Cerberus. She is serious like Rodin, and looks down upon the antics of Ked and Lutai, saying that they will probably "cause an unnecessary ruckus" if they are left to their own devices. As part of the serious side of Cerberus, she sometimes acts as a mediator between Ked and the things that anger him. On a few different occasions, her strength is eluded to, and seems to be very confident in herself. She shows a bit of consideration for Na Yonsu who stuck up for her husband despite being much weaker then Ked.


Plot Overview

Her participation during the visit to South Korea has been remarkably short, as she had no chance to engage in battle like her teammates. She stops Ked when he foul-mouthed Yonsu for getting angry at his attack on her husband. When the remaining Cerberus members start for the battle zone (after hearing that the 12th Elder is on his way there) to stop Ked and Lutai from causing chaos in the city, Yuri attacks her from behind. It is highly probable that he finished her off on the same spot since he reached Lutai to bestow the same fate on him.


On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

As a member of Cerberus, Yuizi can be assumed to be strong. She even considered Yuri to be no match for her, which Yuri accepted. However, she didn't have any chance of showing her true powers as Yuri had managed to deprive her of them beforehand by unknown methods.


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