Zaiga (Kor. 자이가) was a werewolf warrior who served Maduke.


Zaiga was an elderly warrior with sunken eyes, brown swept back hair and a long beard which was kept in several braids.


Zaiga was a cunning and ruthless person. This was evidenced when he allowed Rai to leave so that his crew could focus on Raskreia and Kei. He showed little concern when Raskreia maimed one of his subordinates. According to Muzaka, Zaiga and Maduke created rifts within the clan through incessant scheming.


Zaiga was one of the most powerful werewolves in his clan. He contended for the Lord's position but lost to Muzaka and Maduke. Later on, he accepted physical modification and gained new powers.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Zaiga is present when Maduke summons all the warriors together and declares Kentas a traitor to him and their entire clan.
Zaiga is gathered along with the other warriors in the throne room when Dorant reports to Maduke about Lunark's disappearance. He leaves with the other werewolves when Maduke orders them to prepare for Muzaka's arrival.
Zaiga and a group of werewolves inform Maduke that their sensors have detected something approaching their territory, at incredible speed. Zaiga adds that judging by the speed of movement, it doesn't appear to be a human plane or a boat. Maduke deduces that Muzaka has finally arrived and orders his followers to "welcome" him.
Zaiga leads Gaura and an unnamed male werewolf to intercept Muzaka. Rai, who is on his way to the labs to rescue M-21, is ambushed, in a trap set by them. Zaiga finds Rai's indifference humorous and threatens to kill him. A voice censures the insolence directed towards Rai and a crimson wave hits the werewolves. Zaiga conjures a spell to block the attack and orders the assailant to reveal himself. Raskreia and Kei Ru land by Rai's side.
Rai and Raskreia are at a loss as to what the other is doing in the werewolves' territory. Zaiga's subordinates find it insulting that the nobles have not only entered their territory, but are now ignoring them. Zaiga instructs them to be careful; to their surprise, he greets the noble Lord and apologises to Rai for being disrespectful earlier. Zaiga enquires why the noble Lord and the Noblesse have come to their land, that too without prior notice. Raskreia tells them that the situation does not warrant an explanation and asks Rai to leave. Zaiga's subordinates are outraged by the slight and prepare to attack the Lukedonians. Zaiga commands them to step back. Raskreia notices that Rai is still there and dismisses him again. Zaiga calculates that it would be better if they are separated and does not prevent Rai from leaving. Then, he cautions the young Lord that she is being reckless. Raskreia reminds him that they had invaded Lukedonia. Zaiga explains that they did so along with the former clan leaders and it was just a few warriors but her presence is tantamount to a declaration of war. Zaiga mocks Raskreia for being simple-minded since the nobles are no longer a force to be reckoned with. He asks her if she had come to defend her pride even after being attacked and warns her that her actions have sealed the fate of her race. Raskreia curtly asks him if he is done talking. She corrects that she has brought just two clan leaders with her and states that she did not come to start a war but to enlighten them about who they had attacked and avenge Rajak Kertia. Zaiga finds it incredulous that she is accompanied by just two clan leaders. A moment later, a massive explosion occurs, destroying Maduke's Castle.
Zaiga identifies the culprit as the Elenor clan leader and sends Gaura to kill her. He attacks Raskreia, but Kei interposes and presents himself as his opponent. An enthralled Zaiga acknowledges Kei Ru's strength but declares that the result of the battle was obvious from the start. He boasts that he has the advantage of having lived longer and struggling would be of no use since the nobles were never a match for their kind. As Kei starts getting pushed back, Zaiga reveals his intentions to crush him, and then, bring the noble Lord to her knees. Incensed, Kei hits back and tells him that their fight is not over. Zaiga is surprised by the strength gained by Kei in such a short span. Zaiga wonders if any warrior in their clan could match Kei Ru and decides to kill him then and there, at all costs, as there was no telling how strong the Ru clan leader would become in the future.
Bashum who had been nervously watching Kei Ru realizes Zaiga is about to conclude his fight and he tries to attack Raskreia hoping to catch her unawares. Raskeria stalls him by merely glancing at him and draws her soul weapon and severs his arm. Zaiga is annoyed at his crew member's recklessness and prepares to go all out and kill Kei. Kei Ru and Zaiga employ their ultimate skills. The clash takes a toll on both the combatants. However, Zaiga states that his wounds will soon regenerate, and he praises Kei Ru again; he admits that Kei would have surpassed him in time. He adds that he had once challenged Muzaka for the throne. Muzaka enters the scene and affirms Zaiga's claim.
Zaiga curses his luck and attempts to buy some time to recover but Muzaka is on top of this already as he strikes first without notice. Zaiga rebukes Muzaka for being sly and attacking an injured warrior and accuses him of losing the dignity of a werewolf warrior. Muzaka dismisses the allegation and further humiliates Zaiga by reminding him that at least Maduke is now the Lord.

Muzaka defeats Zaiga

Zaiga is soon overpowered. He shows his distaste at the given circumstances but Muzaka tells him that even Zaiga at full power would not have halted him and rebukes him for leading the physical modification of the werewolves. It is also revealed that Zaiga previously lacked in recovery speed compared to other werewolves, and is thus the reason why he was very open to the idea of physical modification. Zaiga remains adamant that it was the right decision as the clan has become the most powerful force in the world but Muzaka says that Zaiga still chats nonsense as usual and he instead blames Zaiga's and Maduke's greed which resulted in the vast sacrifice of the whole clan. Zaiga tells Muzaka that he knows nothing, something Muzaka very happily admits. He then pierces Zaiga's abdomen and tears his opponent to pieces.


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  • Muzaka: Zaiga thinks of Muzaka as competition and often challenged him and Maduke for the position of Lord.
  • Maduke: Zaiga thinks of Maduke as competition and often challenged him and Muzaka for the position of Lord.

Powers & Abilities

Zaiga was a very powerful werewolf warrior, and one of the most powerful members of the werewolf clan. He competed against Muzaka and Maduke over the title of Lord but lost. He was capable of easily matching the strongest Noble Clan Leader, Kei Ru, in battle. After undergoing physical modification, he becomes so powerful that Maduke believed it was beyond Muzaka to beat him. He claimed that when at full strength, he could beat Muzaka.


Zaiga 435

Zaiga using his aura in the form of sorcery.

He is adept at spell casting and sorcery. One of his skills involved using paper talismans that explode after coming in contact with the enemy. He is shown to cast spells that entail golden runes to appear and form a ring around him. He can also create crimson coloured energy blasts and discharge electricity. Additionally, he could create a wall with his aura to shield himself against the impact of enemy attacks.


Like all werewolves, Zaiga can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form.

Physical Prowess

Zaiga possesses immense physical strength, able to easily match Kei in strength during their battle. His speed is so great that he can keep up with Kei easily. He also has incredible stamina, able to face off against Muzaka right after fighting Kei to a standstill.

  • Regeneration: After undergoing physical modification, Zaiga's (by his own claim) regenerative ability became very powerful. Muzaka states that normally, his regeneration shouldn't be that fast. At the same time it needed a few moments to heal him as he still was talking to buy himself some time.

Zaiga's ultimate attack.

Aura Manipulation

As a warrior, Zaiga possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. Most likely the strongest among the werewolf warriors, he possesses an ability to summon phantom wolves. Zaiga's manifested as a pack of gold coloured wolves. He had used it to successfully counter Kei's ultimate attack.



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