Zarga Siriana (Kor. 자르가 시리아나) was a noble and a previous clan leader of Lukedonia. He was one of the six noble clan leaders who declined to enter eternal sleep with the previous Lord, and then betrayed the current Lord about 400 years before the start of the series[1]. He was the 7th Elder of the Union.


He has short brown hair with bangs that cover his eyes at times, and the characteristic crimson eyes of a noble. He also has facial hair and markings under both of his eyes. As a clan leader, he used to be dressed in black attire like the other clan leaders. As a Union Elder he wears a white robe over a long white shirt and a pair of white trousers.


Although serious in his mannerisms and courteous to those who he does not consider his enemies, he can be judged as cruel after he explains his murder of the previous Loyard clan leader[2]. He commented upon the Loyard clan leader's last plea to him to restrain from killing humans as being 'pathetic', though he did so in order to provoke Seira into reckless action and failed. He uses a respectful tone during his conversation with the KSA unlike Lunark . He also seems to have his own sense of pride as he does not approve of interferences in battles since he initially lost interest in fighting Seira after the 8th Elder's  interference and was unsettled by Lunark's desire to interfere in Rajak and the 8th Elder's battle.

In a flashback he's shown to laugh and find the fact that Frankenstein angers them amusing. He also continuously keeps Urokai in check which may be because they're both traitors or because they are close, but either way, it shows his calm and collected attitude.


Zarga Siriana was the clan leader of the Siriana Clan and is one of the traitors who betrayed the current Lord and Raizel. 820 years ago he, alongside the other five clan leaders had caused Raizel's long slumber, carried out the plot to kill Raizel. They also somehow used his name during their betrayal 400 years ago, causing Raskreia to believe him to be a traitor as well. According to his own words, he murdered the previous Loyard clan leader, father of Seira J. Loyard[3]. He joined as the 7th Elder of the Union. It is revealed that his reason for the betrayal was that his values changed over time and conflicted against that of Lukedonia's nobles[4].

Plot Overview

The deaths of Rostere and Muar in South Korea result in a declaration of war by the Union, so they send 5th Elder, 7th Elder and 8th Elder to pass judgement on all involved. They meet the KSA Director and Zarga steps in to stop the 5th and 8th Elders from causing unnecessary ruckus but also warns the director. Then the 5th Elder creates havoc in the city to call out the nobles[5], with the 8th Elder joining in. Seira arrives there alone while Frankenstein and others hurry to reach the scene from their training camp.
Upon seeing her silver hair, Zarga assumes that she's the Loyard clan leader and introduces himself as Zarga Siriana, a former Lukedonian clan leader and the man who had murdered her father. He further taunts her by saying that he remembers her father's final moments, begging him to spare human lives, and how pathetic he thought it was. The normally calm, composed Seira replies to his words by blowing off the top of a building off[6]. They engage in a fight.
Zarga proves to have the upper hand. He compliments her on being skillful for her age but still acknowledges her as the weakest clan leader in history. At this provocation, Seira launches the Grim Reaper attack which he counters by drawing out his own soul weapon. Seira is quickly overwhelmed and due to the interference of 8th Elder, Zarga manages to land a vicious slash on her left shoulder[7].
This interference makes Zarga decide to leave the battle but he changes his mind when Seira offends him by calling him a dishonorable traitor. Zarga again taunts her but she tries not to lose her temper as she learned from Frankenstein's training sessions. The fight resumes and Zarga prevails. Zarga allows the 8th Elder to attack her.
When the smoke clears, standing there holding Seira's unconscious form is Frankenstein. Zarga recognizes him instantly[8] and is surprised to see him. He remarks that Frankenstein was always arrogant and insolent, and that hasn't changed as he has come alone to fight three Elders. Frankenstein taunts them and Rajak Kertia makes a surprise entry, attacking the 8th Elder with his superior speed.
Zarga recognizes this as the Kertia clan leader technique[9]. Zarga begins to mention to Rajak on how similar he is to Ragar, however, he is quickly dismissed by him as he does not desire to converse with a traitor.
Zarga spends most of his time observing the battle of the 8th Elder and Rajak. He reveals his observations on Rajak's incomplete soul weapon and the explanation of how a soul weapon works for its user. When the 8th Elder begins to fall behind in the battle with no signs of victory, the 5th Elder states that they will have to intervene in the battle because they cannot afford to let the 8th die. This bothers Zarga but their conversation is cut short as they are left dumb founded when they notice Frankenstein has stepped into the battle before them[10].
At this point, Lunark and Frankenstein begin their battle while Zarga stands and observes the match, complimenting Frankenstein's ability to fight on par with her. After Urokai arrives[11], Zarga simply continues to watch the events from the distance.
When Frankenstein goes berserk, he launches an attack on both Zarga and Urokai which prompts them to step into the battle with him. As Frankenstein begins to attack Urokai, Zarga attempts to behead him with his soul weapon, however, it is blocked by Rajak who scorns him at his lack of pride by attacking someone in the middle of a battle[12].
Zarga and Rajak begin to battle while Urokai and Lunark deal with Frankenstein. During the battle, Rajak is at a disadvantage and is also distracted a couple of times by the other fights which leads him to take damage from Zarga. At this Zarga comments on how foolish he is for not paying attention in their fight and how he pities Ragar for leaving the Kertia clan in his hands.
After Urokai attempts to finish off Frankenstein, Rajak and Seira with an energy attack, the smoke clears from the aftermath to show that Raizel has blocked the attack, protecting his friends. Zarga is extremely shocked at seeing Raizel appear[13].
Surprised to find Raizel alive after so long a period of time, both Zarga and Urokai greet him and wonder if he wants to know why they had betrayed him. However, Raizel declares that he respects their decisions. This statement drives Urokai in a frenzy, thinking that Raizel has never cared for them while Zarga politely apologizes for the unforgivable act they are about to commit[14]. Bringing out their soul weapons, Zarga and Urokai make a joint attack on Raizel. However, Raizel outmatches them and sentences them to forced eternal sleep.
After Urokai's departure, as his own body starts to disintegrate into blood crystals, Zarga recounts that he found his ideals had changed from that of Lukedonia's and that that was his reason of betrayal, but he realizes that he was wrong and asks for Raizel's forgiveness, thanking him for stopping him from continuing further as he fully disintegrates into thin air. Raizel then has a short flashback of Urokai and Zarga visiting him in the past. Zarga advises Raizel not to drink Urokai's tea[15].

This is a flashback arc where the incidents from the past unfold. It was shortly after Frankenstein had started residing with Raizel in Lukedonia. Zarga was one of the six clan leaders who used to visit the Noblesse rather often compared to the others. Their visits became more frequent after his arrival.
Zarga accompanied Roctis and Urokai in their visit to Raizel's mansion when Frankenstein was away to meet the previous Lord. They were reproached by Raizel due to their random visits but were relieved when Raizel revealed that he knew it was because of the human and promised to be cautious of the latter[16].
Then the three clan leaders confronted Frankenstein who was on his way back to the mansion. Zarga stood on as a viewer while words were exchanged between his fellow clan leaders and the human. The latter's suspicion on the six clan leaders who showed undue concern for the Noblesse left them quite worried[17].
Zarga joined his fellow clan leaders in the meeting regarding Frankenstein. Both he and Roctis agreed on the fact that Urokai was becoming too agitated. They were joined by Lagus Tradio who had done some research on Frankenstein prior to the latter's arrival to Lukedonia. Zarga informed him how the human had suspected them just for visiting Raizel often. This posed Frankenstein as an obvious threat to their plan. Lagus proposed a way to use Frankenstein's sudden outbursts against him and conjured an item that would drive the powerful human into frenzy. All of them agreed to the plan with Urokai volunteering on the lead act.
They then approach Frankenstein after he meets the Lord, and after apparently having met him too. Zarga simply watches as Urokai proposes a spar and Frankenstein agrees[18]. Zarga talks with the other spectators and like them appears to be taken aback at learning how Frankenstein provokes people, as well as at seeing Dark Spear. He expresses shock when Urokai loses his eye[19]. He continues to watch as Urokai provokes Frankenstein with Tesamu's pendant[20] and like the others is surprised when Raizel and the Lord arrive. He is ordered by the Lord to contain Frankenstein with Lagus and Roctis. They step back when Raizel tells them to[21]. He is at the meeting when Urokai explains to the Lord why he didn't heal his eye[22].

Raizel has a flashback in which he is enjoying one of the visits by all of the traitors[23].

Spin-offs & Other Media

Zarga Siriana does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Zarga Siriana does not feature in Noblesse S.

Zarga is in the meeting with the traitors and discusses their plans. He is also present with all the other clan leaders when Gejutel reports the situation to the previous Lord.

Zarga Siriana does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

Summary coming soon.


  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: As one of the traitors who would visit him often, it can be inferred that he respected him and enjoyed his company.
  • Clan Leaders: Zarga is one and as such acquainted with all the Clan Leaders from when he was in Lukedonia. This includes both those from the previous Lord's rule and Raskreia's rule. After leaving Lukedonia they view him as a traitor. He was old enough that he viewed the current generation, including Seira's father, as children.
  • Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia: He served her for approximately a 100 years before leaving with the traitors, and is as such viewed as one by her.
  • Roctis Kravei: The two seem to be spend time with each other, though whether this is because they spent time with Raizel, are both traitors, or due to some other reason, is unknown.
  • The Previous Lord: He shows respect to the Lord, though whether this was genuine is doubtful as he was a traitor. The Lord never suspected his betrayal.
  • Traitor Nobles: Once they would all visit Raizel and enjoy each other's company (aside from Ignes). As such he may have been closer to them than other Clan Leaders. Whether he was aware of factors such as Edian being drugged is unknown.
  • Urokai Agvain: He is always with Urokai and is aware of his quirks like the type of tea he makes[24]. Whether this means that he is closer to him than others is unknown but he seems to be comfortable enough to argue with him out of fun. When Frankenstein damages Urokai's eye he is the only one to outwardly show concern, instead of just shock[25]. Zarga also is always keeping Urokai under control, whether it's to prevent him from attacking Frankenstein, saying things, or otherwise.

  • Elders: Some of his fellow elders are modified humans. His relationship with them is unknown.
  • Frankenstein: Zarga finds Frankenstein to be a pain to deal with, but also finds the concept humorous in the past[26]. He's surprised to see Frankenstein still alive in the present; he also considers him to be arrogant but will still compliment his skills[27].


  • Lunark: The two are fellow Elders and seem to be on neutral, if not cordial, terms.
  • Maduke: They are fellow Elders. He is aware of his existence as he and the other traitors work together with him to get rid of Muzaka and Raizel. The depth of their relationship is unknown.
  • Muzaka: He and the other traitors work together to get rid of him. Muzaka also visits Lukedonia though it is unknown if Zarga has met him face-to-face.

Powers & Abilities

As a former clan leader, Zarga's power is quite high in the nobles' power structure. He is able to overpower Seira J. Loyard with his soul weapon and according to him he killed the previous Loyard clan leader. He is also shown to have an advantage against Rajak.

Soul Weapon


Zarga holding his soul weapon

Zarga's soul weapon Lontrick  is a variant of a manriki chain. The weapon has a very long gilded chain with an enormous, ornate, double-edged blade at the end. It functions as a long distance weapon. Zarga mainly uses the blade of his Soul Weapon for offensive measures and the chain of the weapon for more defensive maneuvers. It is extremely flexible and the chain appears to be able to extend hundreds of feet when required. Zarga can move the weapon at extremely high speeds (possibly hypersonic). The weapon moves so fast that even Rajak Kertia was overwhelmed.

  • Hydra/Dragon: Urokai and Zarga's unique energy beam which is seen when used against Raizel. Zarga and Urokai release a massive amount of stored up aura energy from their soul weapons, and create an enormous creature that seems to be a cross between a traditional Chinese dragon and the Greek Hydra. It has a long serpentine body but also has multiple serpents protruding from its mane. The creature's size dwarfs hundreds of city blocks. The energy beast flies toward the target, and collides into its enemy with jaws wide open[28].

Physical Prowess

He was able to move at great speeds to overwhelm Seira J.Loyard, a current clan leader, and appear behind her in a flash. It is assumed that he also has other typical noble abilities.

Aura Manipulation

As a noble clan leader, it can be assumed Zarga wields immense amounts of aura . He can channel his spiritual energy into a destructive beam from his palms They are dark red in color. 




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